Sunday, March 11, 2012

Harvard Africa Conference

After 3 years of planning, I finally attended the Harvard Africa Business Conference last weekend. It was AMAZING! And to think I did not even attend every session. There was a registration and networking opportunity on Friday which  totally missed and I was sleeping/ pretending to be studying for an exam I had the following week. Coming from the warm and sunny 'West Coast,' Boston cold (in addition to 6 hour light fatigue) took me by surprise and after 1 hour hanging around freezing Harvard Square waiting for the hotel shuttle driver, while screaming at the concierge on the phone, my head, shoulders, knees and toes were numb. To add to the nonsense, I got to the hotel and couldn't check in because my roommate who was still somewhere in the sky did not leave my name as a co-lodger. I finally got in after another embarrassing hour of looking like a homeless fool in the reception. That evening was a nightmare and I just found solace on the bed shunning all paroles to sleep and study. #weist

Saturday was mad awesome, ran into so many familiar faces from secondary school especially BEZ. #loves. The career fair was good and I met the lady who hired me for my summer internship who flew in from Lagos. My broke-ass missed the banquet (and more networking). All my money was spent on plane tickets luckily I got a free ticket to the after-party. My yankee village self (who has been to only Indian parties all through grad school) was too excited to be makossing, alantaing and azontoing waving my hands in 10over10-chopmymoney motion. #naijafoolery

I left the party at 2am, then showered and headed straight to the airport for a 6hour flight. I wish I went on touristy mode to explore Boston, meet more new people, distribute my business cards to every sensible person, and gotten a few marriage proposals (na wa for people asking if I got bride price deposits):s #epicfailure

Now I am back to being the only black face on the block where no one talks about Africa unless Kony2012 comes up. #dulling


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