Sunday, December 27, 2009



Thursday, December 17, 2009

RIP Caroline Johnson

She lost her battle with leukemia. I just cried my eyes out.

Read her story here: and here:

I pray for comfort for her family especially her husband and children.

p.s. also pray for the Nigerian healthcare system, for hospitals, for equipment, for proper health insurance and for doctors.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Abuja and Fusion

Its been a while since I blogged about positive stuff (the original purpose of the blog). Anyway, Abuja (the renowned ever boring city) is now catching the fashion buzz. The vacancy for socialites is filling up I guess, now you can get recognition in bellanaija, Thisday, etc (I kid but Lagos is not alone in this madness). This is because of Fusion.

FUSION is a one day fashion and beauty exhibition in the Asokoro district of Abuja featuring outfits by designers - D'zyN couture, Reedas, Kazelos amongst more popular names
(who I will do another related post later). Anyway, the pictures are on Bellanaija. You can totally see the Northern vibe in the attendance. Stayed true to its Abuja-ness. I like that new brands are coming up in the capital city and already logs-based ones are spreading around.

A few fav items:

D'zyn tops: (N5,500)

shop 1 asokoro shopping mall. T.y danjuma street, asokoro. Call 07040418777

Kazelos pearls: Call 08055588784


Seasons Greeting!!! Merry Christmas!!!

10/12- 60angels

It has been four years since the Sosoliso plane crash took the lives of over 100 Nigerians, 60 of which were students from my secondary school, arguably the best in Nigeria (yes oh!, lol). 60 bright, intelligent, hadworking children with the gift of contributing immensely to Nigeria's future.

I had graduated a few months before and had the opportunity of knowing over 40 of them: friends, gossip mates, crushes (not mine biko), errand runners (ironers, washers, and water fetchers, lol!), family friends, dorm-room mates, etc.

I cry almost every time I'm in a plane.

Nigeria failed us, but God let it happen and has a reason. We have 60 angels watching over us.

To live in the hearts of people who love you is not dying. My devotion for the 10th was that death is a departure but eventually we will all meet at the destination.

(now I just sold myself out)


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