Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nigeria and our super healthcare system.

I always wondered why I could never give valuable input in my Policy class on the healthcare system in America. Ihave to write a paper talking about how messed up Healthcare in America is

Nigeria has the fourth worse health system in the world (out of 190 countries). We ranked 187. I know people will say, they inflate and exagerrate statistics but when last did ANY of our relatives have major

And on of the few doctors in my village of a campus is Nigerian.

And the thousands of nurses of Doctors in America are Nigerian.

And millions more lining up at the Embassy trying for F-1 visas to study 'Public Health.'

Or my mum and sisters went on a health vacation to India for cheaper, more efficient health care in a hotel-style hospital FULL of Nigerians.

Travel Agents are beginning to branch out into the area of Health, no more hotels, cabins and best beaches to surf. Its now hospitals and doctors. Even to Sudan, Ghana (RIP, my aunt-in-law who died before heart surgery in Ghana)

And we waste so much time on Independence carnivals, I-rep Naija t-shirts, and cultural awareness celebrations (GOOD, I'm mama Africa Week/ anti-charity on my campus, so I'm guilty oh!) without realizing the reality of the situation on ground or figuring solutions out.

And My parents and their siblings have to send my Grandma to India to get a knee cap replacement for over $10,000 (cheaper than $30,000 to go to Israel which was top on preference for pilgrimage advantage).

Or my sister that could have been blind from piercing her eye (think graphic) but can see thanks to Mother's fringe benefits that paid millions for trips to london and india for laser surgery and subsequent maintenance.

So if they never went to school, my Grandma can't dream of walking thanks to illiterate children.

Anyway, if you ever want to be my friend, don't let me hear the word GREEN CARD!!! I'm kidding, but RELOCATION sounds sweeter to my ears.

Our government can never reform the system without people, I mean exposed, learned, intelligent people to do the job.

I vent!!!!

Thank God for his mercies.


Monday, November 2, 2009


Writers block. Or I have found a new way to vent my frustrations: facebook profile. I can't do Twitter, there are too many distractions in my life already. I am a double major with a ton load of work and papers, book reviews, two thesis/ projects, presentations, job applications and networking to do.

I actually want to start a new blog next year. It will be centered on my post-graduation plans, internships, working, graduate school, expanding my business, and perhaps relocating to Nigeria.



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