Saturday, May 9, 2009

KANNYWOOD: The unknown Nollywood

So, my last rant about tribalism o youtube with regards to Hausa movies led to my discovery that Nigeria is two different countries: The Lagos based, Southern Nigeria and the Northern one. One is Englich and the other Hausa.

Remember when Ali Nuhu won the AMAA (Africa's most prestigious movie award) and the Future Award for best actor and people were ranting about how they didn't know him. Check this old post.

Ali Nuhu is the Brad Pitt of Hausa movies, or the Jim Iyke. He was an idol up North for years and made his debut to the 'other' Nigeria when he stared in Sitanda, the AMAA award winner and relatively high budget Nigerian movie of 2007.

Kannywood is the movie industry based in Kano, Northern Nigeria's Lagos and centuries old 'business hub.' I've never been a Hausa movie addict, I watch more English Nollywood films and when I'm with my hardcore relatives that don't live in Abuja or when I visit very traditional hausa (malo) family friends, I get my sneek peek.Two summers ago aftre missing everything Ngerian, I went to a Hausa movie store in Abuja and bought a couple of movies. Most are romance and a lot have social issues like polygamy, reigion, culture and usualy incorporate other sultures in the north not only Hausa but Fulani and others from Chad and Niger Republic which border.

So I'll start a Kannywood series introducing Blogville to the world of Hausa movies.

Here is one clip of a Hausa movie. Note: It might remind you of Bollywood but don't forget cultures are similar. P.s. From the singing and dancing actresses you know that Hausa girls aren't all locked down with no rights.

Wasan Maza
I apologize on behalf of movie makers for bad quality. lOl!


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