Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nigerians and Hausa Movies

Step on my toes. Ok, I don't mean all of y'all Southern Nigerians before someone start shooting Igbo, Calabar and Yoruba insults towards my e--direction.

I suddenly had a craving for Hausa Movies this week and decided to Youtube a few.

For the uninitiated, Hausa movies are greatly influenced by Indian-Bollywood movies. Because Northern Nigerians are generally more conservative due to Islam, we lean toward Bollywood movies (and Arab world stuff)while those in the South lean toward Hollywood (and Western stuff).

There is always singing and dancing between both sexes in hausa films. The choreography is usually upbeat, not all have girls wrapped in bedsheets, and the music synthesizing is what sells it ou as being Bollywood but its all Hausa culture with a twist. Story lines are mostly romance (nothing sleezy but relatable) and comedies.

I noticed the comments by Hausa speakers (written in Hausa mostly) was that of nostalgia, appreciation, and pride while the bad-belle people made comments like

"Sani Abacha dancing."
"Why do you copy Indians?"
"They are spending Oil money from the South"

I can't recall calling all the Nollywood movies with actors and their fake-ass accents as copy-copy. Nollywood is influenced by the West in terms of language (Queen's English), clothing, plot, script, etc somethimes in unrealistic ways that are totally Western and unapplicable to Nigerian everyday life.

Hausa movies have Hausa actors speaking Hausa, singing in Hausa wearing ethnic clothes THROUGOUT, dancing the Hausa way and because they is a similarity to Bollywood, you start ranting and calling late dictator Sani Abacha (that has no relationship with a Hausa romance movie)????

I have neither based my comments off the Igbo trader that tried to rip me off in Wuse market or Clifford Orji (so-called cannibal from decades past). Those are stupid reasons to profile Igbo actors/ movies which I do like anyway Igbo Kwenu (love me some Mike Ezerounye)!

It's just plain tribalism that exists in Nigeria even amongst so called educated people. Don't complain if some white dude does some racist crap to you. Racism is the same as tribalism only that in one case, we just look the same and predjudice is still there (worse that looking differently I say).

Seriously, you watch a Hausa film and the first thing one says is Abacha or Oil money?

R_E_S_P_E_C_T is earned!


Preach girl...

some people are just plain ignorant.

I'm really curious about u. You say u r from the north, but not Hausa. Where are u from?

My mom was raised in Kaduna and Jos and even though she is igbo, she can speak Hausa fluently. I'm so jealous. My cousins grew up in the North also, they don't know how to speak Pidgin (which we thot was weird) and i love their little northern expressions, when they speak.

Sorry, i know this has nothing to do with ur post.I didn't even finish reading it.

That is so true Ladi. I don't see what's so wrong with Hausa films being the way they are. If they don't like it they can kindly navigate away from the page. But when some idiots watch it to pass criticism like that it's just annoying. Some people are just too narrow minded.

By the way, have you seen the new crop of Hausa films? Quality has greatly improved! Watch Yan Uwa or Wasan Maza and you'll see. :) :)

Actually I believe ALL of Nollywood is copy-copy bullshit. So don't worry. I am not at all tribalist in my fervent dislike of Nollywood.


I really didn't know they were Hausa movies at all. I mean when I was younger I remember a couple of made for TV programs on NTA but I didn't know they were movies. I usually have a Nigeria Day (via Youtube) at list once a week. Will watch one and let you know.

hm. interesting that being a nollywood lover, I have never watched a hausa movie. Are they on youtube. Would have to check them out. Ah, so u remember Clifford orji like I do. Please, don t may attention to ignorant mugus. people will always have sth bad (or ignorant) to say, no matter how good a movie is.

Gotta admit I've never seen an hausa movie.. Served in the North and saw clips on TV..

Re-up a link for me if you can..

Youtube fulfils every cowards dream.. You get to throw stones at people you don't know without any retribution.. It's sad but it's the way of the world..

I feel ur rant..

I've never seen a Hausa movie either..

I never even knew hausa movies existed. Don't worry about ignorant people. You shouldn't take those comments personal.

My dear,I beg to differ with some of your points.....
I can hardly stand hausa movies because they continue to preach a fakeness to our lives just as the nollywood movies do.
Hausa guys cant/dont sing and most of the actors on the movies are really ignorant/arrogant.......
I believe that the whole idea of having a movie industry is to not only entertain but also seek to address present day problems in northern nigeria.
Just got to listen to a new release of a ablum/song by one hausa actor that was detained or something and I was embarrased not only of the song but also its content....
I get the whole being sidelined/marginalized because its from the north but seroiusly girl,they no dey try that much either.....

@ Fatima,next time your here,please teach me how to make comments on your blog cos I dont seem to get it right...

Actually I never really thot about Nollywood movies copying from the West and Kannywood from India, Chad and co.
I generally dont watch Hausa movies becuz I don't like sing-sing, dance-dance movies. Good post tho. Very enlightening.

does the hausa movey industry deal with all the hypocrisy that in the north is concealed with religion? my friend from barkin-ladi drank hard liquor of beeer mixed with whisky but always hidden in his prayer kettle. watch when he gets sober abd his ranting on southerners like they lack originality and copy foreign bad ways

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