Thursday, April 9, 2009

Max Azria, the African Designer

So many of you probably know Max Azria, a fashion designer of Tunisian descent who founded the popular women's clothing line BCBG.

Originally from Tunisia, Max Azria was born in Sfax (Tunisia); he entered the fashion industry in PARIS. Moving to California in the 1980s, he created BCBG, an acronym for the French saying bon chic, bon genre, which in English means "good style, good class."

Max Azria's wife Lubov Azria runs all aspects of the company with him, she decides on the style influences for each season and the store decor.

His company owns Herve Ledger, which I'm currently obsessed with if only I could actually! When the wearers include Kate Winslet, Sophia Bush, Victoria Becks, Miriah, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce then Me keh? (Sha when dady becomes governor, hehehe)

Courtesy: Wikipedia*&Keyword=herve&resultsPerPage=24&Action=sd&attrs=Department:Department:Dresses


Didn't even know Maxazria was African.

I have been eyeing those Herve bandage dresses and skirts since forever,even though anyandevrybody in hollywood have worn it, i would still love to own one!

WOW! This is so interesting. We Africans rock!


You mean Sophia Bush's designer is african???
Thanks for sharing,I love those designs........

Cnsider yourself tagged...
Check out ma blog for details.

i didn't know the designer was african. interesting info, thanks for sharing

Ok I just learned 2 new things: Max Azria is Tunisia.
He owns Herve Leger

I had absolutely no idea about these, thanks Ladi.

I love love love love LOVE BCBG!
Had no idea the designer was African though...Good stuff...x

Um Ladi... Tunisians don't consider themselves African. So you might want to check calling Max Azria the African designer. Moroccans, Tunisians, Egyptians... DO NOT consider themselves African. Don't ask me, I'm just telling it like it is.

Sugabelly, I knew you would make that comment.

Many North Africans (Maghreb) are considered "Middle Eastern" because many of them are Arab, even though they have the SAME history of trade and colonialism ith the rest of Africa, but there are some blacks in the Maghreb who consider themselves African (or if your black in Africa whether in Nigeria or Egypt, you're African).

I had a friend who would go around screaming 'African sista' and she was Egyptian/ Arab Sudanese. She wasn't black, but African like the most 'I'm African not American' in my school is White South African dude who hasn't been there in 9years. He even identified more than some black Africans who's parents still live there.

You're right but I think its wrong to generalize because of the media or what a few people do.

Ladidi I luv your response to sugabelly! Kin hadu wallahi! Many of them consider themselves Africans! In fact, many of them feel hurt when africans tell them they are not african! So please Sugabelly take it easy and don't stereotype them. I have many friends Moroccan friends that absolutely love their Africanness and tell me they want to get in touch with mainstream african pop culture (it doesn't exist, but I applaud them for the effort).

Now, how many of us so-called "true africans" have a keen interest on learning about the culture of the northern africans? very few. So please, lets not seclude them!

Now I've found more reason to love Herve Ledger's work! *bounce bounce*

So I am going to get the worst kind of slack for this. But I don't think white people or Arabs are African. These two groups CHOSE to come to Africa for the primary purposes of

1. Enslaving Africans
2. Colonising Africans

Just because some of them forgot to leave when it was no longer legal and began to breed with the local population does not make them African.

South Africans baffle me. People that came unwarranted to your country, and then told you IN YOUR OWN LAND that you cannot do as you please, and you ALLOWED them to stay???

That's like the megadi entering your father's house and slapping him in his sitting room.

No way. And whatever anyone is about to say about Blacks all over the world, save it. Blacks were dragged all over the world by force. They were never given a choice. If they are in another person's land causing that person inconvenience right now, it is that person's fault for forcefully bringing them there.

Am having a menta image of how Max can use Nigerian fabrics

I am having a mental imae of what Max can do with Nigeria fabrics

Max azaria is tunisian ...good to know.

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