Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Madonna's Adoption

Many of you have heard about Madonna's pending adoption case: Like if the first one, David Banda, who doesn't remember his real father and can't speak any Malawian language didn't gather enough press.

"A Malawian court has delayed its decision on whether to allow the pop star Madonna to adopt a four-year-old girl after an hour-long hearing in a closed court. If granted permission, little Chifundo James will be the second Malawian child to be adopted by Madonna. The girl, four-year-old Chifundo "Mercy" James, has been in an orphanage because her family cannot afford to take care of her. The organisation Save the Children is opposed to the child's removal from an orphanage in Malawi." -BBC

I think the best place for a child is in their home. Have you seen those black ashy kids whose oyibo parents don't know the right hair and skin products or understand the concept of Sickle-cell? I don't want my kid having identity crises joh! Imagine I adopted a poor kid from an orphanage in london and took him to Nigeria? The kid might grow up as an oyibo agbero and be unable to gain acceptance from fellow Abuja!

Other opinions are here:

Should celebrities adopt kids from abroad/ kids from other races and ethnicities? Is it fair on the child's future or better for them?

Can black celebrities adopt poor white children from Eastern Europe for example?


i dont see anything wrong with anyone adopting anychild, as long as their reasons are beyond PR stunt.

My dear,I tire ooooo.
But 4 me,I gues it goes beyond the races and has to do with giving the child a good life which every child deserves but adoption is not always the solution...
Lovely post.

I dont even know how to feel about this... It all smells like new age colonialism to me...

LOL @ acceptance among Abuja agberos. I have no problems with celebs adopting kids as long as they are not doing it for press or publicity. If they want to show love to the kid or give them a better life then why not?

i don't understand o. is she and angelina jolie competiting. who adopts more children.. lol @abuja agbero..

i think what matters is the motive behind the adoption..if they r adopting to better the life of the child in question, theres nothing absolutely wrong with that..its not in all cases that identitiy crisis occurs..

this just cracked me up - "The kid might grow up as an oyibo agbero and be unable to gain acceptance from fellow Abuja!"

your post ut in in a different light for me..i never really thought about the alienation the child may feel growing up in a strange community.

The adoption ddnt fall through as I read on yahoo. N i think its a good and a bad thing. It's basically a trade off btw the childs heritage/identity and a better quality of life...She doesnt have to go all the way to malawi to adopt a suffering child..they're all over the world..but i guess in her mind she means well..its just not the right way to go bout it

I always thot it was a good thing, the better life opportunity (probably cuz of my 'celeb mentality'). But sometimes id. crises happen with children living in their own land too.

Me I think it's all publicity but then oothers say that it's good for the child. My argument was can't they pump all that money into the orphanage for all the kids to benefit and they said mismanagement will not those kids smell the money. Me I don't know again o

i agree itz d motive dat matters...i dnt think itz wrong dat dey want to adopt african children...pumping money into an orphanage wer d money maybe misused..or may nt b misused..ill for sure advocate 4 a child to b bought up in a home dan an orphange!

Its my opinion that most of these celebrities adopt african kids first because it is cheaper than the cost of adoption in the U.S. and then because of stereotypes. What do I mean by stereotypes? Well tell me why they do not adopt black american orphans.. They are a lot of far as I am concerned it is but a lot of americans (not all) have stereotyped black americans and do not want to raise those kids in their homes.

I was thrilled with what the Malawian Government did. The reason for the denial may not have been solid but at least it raised a red flag to those celebs who feel they can get in and out of less developed nations and adopt some black kid with the media cheering on.

Let's remember a richer life is not always a better life. Consider all the kids of celebrities in rehab!

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