Monday, March 16, 2009

Fake eye lashes

I apologize, my priorities are creeping up on my blog life.... that's not bad shey?

I'm taking a class on theatre makeup and have to make a 'Makeup Morgue' which is a scrap book of different magazines cutouts for makeup ideas. Now I'm reading Essence, Elle, and Vogue for academic reasons...hehe

One of my morgue's chapters is one 'bold and outrageous eyelashes'. I'm drawn to lashes since I lack them and constantly experiment with mascaras to find the perfect volumizing, lenghtening one. I think Maybelline define-a-lash is my best so far plus I saw a pack of 2 for $5 (when one tube is usually $8) and even though I didn't need any, I bought anyway, No one know tomorrow, now I have mascara to last till....

Now, I've decided to cheat on my mascara love and go for false eye lashes. I've only had fake lashes for fashions show I've modeled in. Now, I'm just plain, obsessed.
I found this helpful video:

Now, I have a reason to spend hours in the makeup corner of walmart. Hope finding good lashes won't be as bad as finding!!!!

BTW, I can't use liquid eye liner, the ajebo in me....hehehehe I need to learn because I've been using eye pencil since I was in nursery school (Northern Nigerian thing).


Am i first???? i hope i am...

Anyways i share yor eyelash fascination..i'm constantly searching for mascara's that give lenght and wont clump...i havent gotten fake lashes yet though...been thinking abt it...

Love your blog, will be back..

Later Babes!!

I like eyelashes. I am yet to try the fake ones. I love liguid eyeliner but it can be difficult to apply sometimes.

I can only imagine the dilemma ur in cos with 3 brothers and no sister,I kinda see a lot of things as '2 girlish' but i do wear make up and appreciate it as well.
Lovin' ur blog,keep it up and thx 4 stopin' at mine.

i love seein the fake lashes on people but i've never fixed for myself, my friend mentioned it feels lke a butterfly fluttering on ur lids...

I soo do that too, buy make up on sale whether I need them or not. I wore fake lashes once and I loved it, I still have a pair that I bought but haven't gotten around to wearing yet.
Are you in Beauty school?

i ve always thot about trying fake eye lashes, but dont really know how to.. nice post

I'm such a mascaraholic myself. I'm always taking note of ppls eyelashes and inquiring about mascara. I buy mascara at any opportunity i get.

As for the fake lashes, the ones i saw in naija totally put me off, so i haven't even considered trying them.

No disrespect implied... but is this blog like a strictly women's blog..? Or is it just this post that seemed to have such inclinations?!

Now why the hell am I studying Management, reading huge ass textbooks when i cud be reading Elle! Lol..

Im not a huge fan of make up..I dont use mascara and eye liner, not to talk of fake lashes. I just might try it one day sha!

I have some fake eyelashes here, but don't like them. I find them to be a distraction to my face. Maybe I just need the right ones...

nice lashes , check out my blog:

dont know if u tried this diy thing

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