Monday, March 23, 2009

Beauty school????

So in my last post I talked about reading ELLE for academic reasons. And there seemed to be an interest in what my major was and how much fun it is to read fashion magazines for intellectual purposes.

I'm not in a beauty school. I'm in a university, a top liberal arts one which means my curriculum is very broad and 'all over the place' (in a good way I get to learn a bit of everything while concentrating on my major). I'm an Economics and International studies major but I need an 'arts/theatre/music' requirement so I picked Stage Makeup which is not exactly easy (facial sex-changes, corrective makeup, aging, creating wrinkles/ folds and injuries, sci-fi stuff...etc). I even had a written midterm test last week.

I'm currently making my 'morgue' which is a scrap book of interesting makeup inspiration. I have categories like 'fake lashes,' 'freckles,' 'full red lipstick,' and 'tribal makeup.' That's why I've been flipping through magazines to get cut-outs to add to my scrap book. I need 5 more categories oh! IDEAS???

I know the way Nigerians reason, and errr, I have a shelf full of History, Polysci, Math, and Economics textbooks....and a few Vogues, Seventeen and Essence magazines for 'makeup inspiration.'

I wonder what my parents would think if all I did was only beauty stuff? Hmmmmm.

Any Liberal Arts goers? Spelman, Amherst, Sewanee, Colgate, Mt. Holyoke?


oh..ok..thanks for clarifying!

lol i know my dad wud totally mum wudnt mind..

um, im not a make-up person..sowee, cant help with the ideas suggestion..

It certainly sounds interesting. I once painted a tooth black and made my face up like a witch's once. Only me liked it sha.
Would you like to add scary faces (eg. vampire faces and stuff) to your morgue? (Isnt 'morgue'a creepy name for a makeup book tho? ;-))
Have a good week!,you aint doing that,I was wondering maself....
As 4 the ideas,maybe you enlighten me on what you really want to see if I can help....

I'm doing Liberal Arts as well and I love that I get to take classes in everything...I'm an Econ major too by the way...

omg it's so cool that you decided to take a stage make-up class...I'm taking a photography class when I come back from my semester abroad, I can't wait :)

Meanwhile thank you for your comment, I ended up changing my blog url to so come visit soonest xx

Umm...I think I'll be murdered if I ventured that far...

hmm.. I get the feeling the last time I was on your blog I asked if it was a female only thing..

Now I stand the risk of either repeating myself or pretending to know a thing or two about makeup..

Uh.. I'll claim the fifth.. :-D

Rocnaija, sorry oh! If you read the other posts its not all about women's stuff, but politics, human rights and other random musings

I'll look through your other posts to make a more informed judgement..


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