Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nollywood: Letters to a Stranger

I ignored the buzz about this movie but in my continuous search for a QUALITY Nigerian movie, I came across Letters to a Stranger. It was co-sponsored by ECObank which meant better quality with more funds. Genevieve Nnaji, Elvina Ibru (whose hilarious character rocked reminds me of someone in my secondary school class), Fred Amata (Genevieve's boyfriend), Joke Silva (Fred's mum), Yemi Blaq (I love this actor..he's the guy in MTN dance/long distance love Advert), Ibinabo Fiberesima, and the kokomaster, Dbanj (Elvina's crush who makes an appearance in the movie).

I wish I could buy the DVD and watch it legally but OnlineNigeria.com has the movie and check Youtube (its in 10 clips) hopefully the crew made its money in 2007 when the movie was released.

First part: http://premiumvideos.onlinenigeria.com/ad11.asp?blurb=2178

Second part: http://premiumvideos.onlinenigeria.com/ad11.asp?blurb=2179

Third Part: http://premiumvideos.onlinenigeria.com/ad11.asp?blurb=2180


If you've seen the movie what do you think?


havent seen it yet...i remember i'm not yet in the groove of naija flicks, but i'll check it out.

I have seen the move and I love it! Its still on my dresser and I have refused to return it to the owner!

haven't been here in a while. Thanks for the recommendation.

I think the movie is a bomb and will still blog about it...

Fantasy Queen- you should see this. Its good or better than most.

Luscious Ron- Sry my blog approval deceives. Biko, return it!

Solomonsydelle- Thanks for coming.

Afrobabe-till you blog.

OMG!! strange u would mention this film, was just talkign to my friend in Nija about it! let me go and find it on you tube!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

that is an excellent movie. One of the best Nollywood flicks I've seen.
On a completely unrelated note you blogged about ThisDay Glitterati being written by Ebuka(?) Does he write all the articles on there?
I ask because some of the writing styles seem so different, it got me wondering who's writing what.

@Anon, Glitterati has a bunch of article in it and 'Contrast' is written by Ebuka. He writes under that column/ page one artcile every week or two.

He always ends with "question/ answers anyone?"

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