Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Problem with MTV Africa (Late post)

Africa is a frigging huge diverse continent is just wrong (as argued by my Afro History Prof) to even use the term "Africa."

This post is inspired by the MAMA- MTV Africa Music Awards. The nominees were mostly Nigerian and South African with random artists thrown into the nomination list. What ever happened to music from the Francophone world. Given, they don't speak English but we all enjoy their music and the world enjoys theirs even more than Anglophone music.

I know that viewers voted with Nigeria's mega populations, Nigerian artists were bound to win but some artists shouldn't have been nominated in the first place. I love 9ice but I've NEVER heard a Hip-hop song from his mouth. I suggest that D'banj be nominated for best Rock-Metal artist, Tuface for best Jazz singer and Jeremiah Gyang for best rapper.

What of Angelique Kidjo, Youssou N'dour, and other classics who have Grammy nominations and wins (and Africans aren't even acknowledging them) shouldn't there at least be a serious category that isn't all about young musicians? Even Tina Turner and Chaka Khan are still getting awards and presenting at awards. Maybe MAMA will on time realize how to make their awards more serious (give them next year!) Add some class and less 'ghettoness' and 'confusion' to make it watchable to other foreign audiences after all we watch AMAs, VMAs and European MTV awards don't we? Why don't we make them watch our without them saying "Damn these Africans didn't learn well after we gave them independence?"

Jeremy Weate's Naija Blog: Why it was Aweful Read the comments too!
Cheta's blog: MTV and Zain Debacle

Everyone knows Gaou (Premier Gaou)- and with the long list of remixes (including Church praise songs), many don't even know the real musicians behind this old song that remains new every time it blasts out of the radio. They are:

Magic System. These guys have been in the business for a while and are not only popular in African but Europe (especially France) as well. You'd notice the use of oyibos in their videos to connect with their diverse fans (unlike Dare's controversial videos that only black Nigerians are watching). Magic System's videos each have more than 1 million hits while so-called MTV Africa's Best acts: Ikechucku, Naeto C, Tuface and Dbanj are still struggling with a few thousand hits on youtube.

Granted, they are new musicians and in the next 10years their videos (shot in South Africa) will finally reach the million viewer mark but the MAMAs should give awards were they are due. Either make the MTV Africa awards about ALL of Africa and be MORE inclusive of ALL of Africa, split the damn awards to Francophone, Luso- and Anglo- Or Nigeria should just have its own MTV awards because other African countries might soon believe we are 419ing the wards to have more than 70% of the nominations. And there are more than 50 other countries in Africa.

I'm posting not as a Nigerian but as an African. I've listened to too much music from outside Nigeria and damn is there some good music. Every time I tell a well-travelled American I'm Nigerian they ask about Fela Kuti and other original 9ja legends not hip-hop Akata wannabe musicians. That's why as soon as Asa came out I heard her songs on a European Blog weeks before any of my 9ja friends heard it. Now my friend in Jamaica is asking me if I know Asa. Imagine?

I've decided to take a break from Storm and Kennis Records and board a musical plane round Africa.

Magic System- Premier Gaou

Longombas from Kenya- Chukua (I love the song and the Kenyan makossa steps)

More Magic System- Ki Dit Mie

Can anyone broaden my African Music Horizon?

Thoughts on MAMA awards?


I do like some Naija 'pop' music but the first introduction to Naija music was by my father back in Zimbabwe and it was Fela Kuti!!I feel in love with him, and so love Asa too...
Some African artists that I feel need applause are the late Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Brenda Fassie, Salif Keita (his song Africa is great!!), Oliver Mutukudzi, Manu Dibango, Ali Farka Toure....

It looks like they are no longer thorough and they appear to be segregating (is the spelling correct?)

I see where you are coming from. I know most of the musicians you mentioned. Let me point you to my Youtube page at youtube.com/solomonsydelle. On the main page you will see "musique Africain". Its a great collection of sounds from around the continent with musicians from Angola, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Mali and many others. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Indeed, there is a lot of talent from other African countries out there, that is being overlooked simply because they are not mainstream or they're language is not universal.
Did you know that what most people refer to as Makossa music is really not makossa. Makossa is music primarily from Cameroon. People like Koffi Olomide & Awilo Longomba are Soukouss artists. Check out Dany Engobo, Sakis, Diblo Dibala...all also soukouss artists.
Coupe Decale is music from Ivory Coast that i enjoy very much. Check out artists like Douk Saga (RIP), DJ Arafat, DJ Tevecinq, DJ Jonathan.
Shona mentioned Manu Dibango,i will add Daddy Lumba & Slim Buster from Ghana.
The issue is that, just as in the western world, where commercial music sells and youngsters appeal to people more, so it is with African music. Majority of the people i named up there are of an older generation, therefore are not as appreciated as an artist like Kaysha, who is a younger person.

okay that was super deep mann , do i snapp out my fingers or just clap. lol but realz , ladi u got some points actually u have the same opinion i have . i began asking myself when 9ice became hip hop didnt this dude come out under the fuji genre and as for tuface , i swear one more time he sings ur my african queen and gets an award for it am gonna personally fly to naija to whoop his ass. mann i expected artist from other parts of the african nation , the only peeps that really overtook the whole shebang was south africa and nigeria. u wanna tell me that mutherfucker sudan dont make music? or maybe people in mozambique stil klack thier tongue , cuz i know dem suckers dance to thier own music. forget the northern part of africa , what about other artist. mann like i said before and ill say again , nigerians aint never gonna learn or change.


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i love naija acts, they're playful and light. i'm not so big on most african acts...reason being i havent taken time to explore that terrain outside chaka chaka, brenda and a couple of others.

ikechukwu and naeto c....i'm still trying to get whats so big about them.as in kini big deal?

i was watching priviledged, a drama series based in palm beach florida, and i was shocked to hear asa song as the soundtrack...
shes one of the serious acts beyond playful and light.

mann fantasyqueen if not for the fact that am christian i would have bowed down to u lol. thank you ooooo thank you , ese , me too am asking the same question about naeto c and that ugly gorrilla girls are jelly for . i stay in the states and i know these fools. to me no talent dey thier body. God forgive me ,but nkem owoh singing is better than thiers

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