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Hausa weddings...Married Away 2

I have previously done a post about Northern weddings and the many 'commas' and 'question marks' generally associated with them. My last post was Married Away: Read here. Religion and culture predominant in the North permits polygamy so I have not right to criticize since half of my extended family is Muslim so I hope anyone can understand where I'm coming from. I'm talking about politicized weddings with ridiculous dowries, asoebi, henna, and jewelry using money that should have been spent building schools and roads ( instead of weddings that will crash as soon as hubby loses his seat in power).

Today, I read Ebuka Obi-Uchendu's Thisday newspaper column, Contrast, which I absolutely love. I wasn't a huge fan when he was on Big Brother Nigeria (reality show) but since he started writing, I've been hooked to the Glitterati section of the newspaper every Sunday. Now being abroad, with no access to the hard copies, I read his articles online.

The last he wrote was about Yar Adua and Babangida's daughters marrying one governor after the other (two of the ladies left their first husbands to be second or third wives to the polygamous governors and one is currently the fourth wife). He started with Malia and Sasha Obama and went on to make a comparison to Nigeria's version of those cuties. Sorry, only Governors past the age of 45 years stand a chance with our President's daughters. Imagine me marrying my Dad's age mate in the name of politics. Religion is just an excuse- I might be your fourth wife but not with a 25 year age difference.

Ebuka writes, "Still talking about Presidents and their daughters, it seems like there has never been a better time to be a daughter of Nigeria’s first family; the YarAdua’s. Or if you are looking at things from a political angle then it might also be a wonderful time to be a Nigerian governor. I am almost certain that there has never been a similar case anywhere else in the world, of a sitting President of a country giving out two of his daughters in marriage to serving governors or premiers or mayors in that country.In 2007, just a couple of months after the new president and governors were sworn in, Nigerians got the news that one of our new president’s daughters would be getting married to Governor Usman Saidu Nasamu Dakingari of Kebbi State. It was a special occasion as far as most people were concerned and Nigerians were watching to see if she would become the official First Lady of the State. All that was settled when just about a month after the wedding that held on the 30th of June 2007, Hajiya Zainab YarAdua-Dakingari, received her mother, the Nigerian First Lady, Hajiya Turai YarAdua as she came on a one day visit to Birnin Kebbi to flag off the 2007 polio immunization ceremony. It was definitely a unique occasion as Nigerians were definitely witnessing a mother-daughter relationship on a political front for the first time.About a year later, another daughter of an ex Nigerian military president, Ms Aisha Babangida, followed Zainab YarAdua’s lead as she got married to Governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi of Zamfara State. It came as a bit of a surprise to many people at the time because she was going into a polygamous marriage at a time when her brother was also about to take a second wife; mostly because they grew up in a monogamous home. But their religion allowed for it and if the parties were okay with it, then no one had the right to question.But if 2007 and 2008 had their own versions of presidential daughter weddings, then 2009 was not about to be left out. Another high profile wedding just held in Katsina State where Bauchi State Governor Malam Isa Yuguda got married to another daughter of Nigeria’s first family; Hajiya Nafisa YarAdua. While a lot of people have gone on to do a research on how many more daughters the YarAdua’s have, and the probability of them marrying other State governors, I am reflecting more on the idea of marriage as a whole and what it really means to me in particular.... I may not get my chance with either Sasha or Malia Obama seeing that the age difference is a lot; plus there is no guarantee that President Obama would want any of his daughters to come back to his ancestral continent. Neither do I think I have a chance with any of the YarAdua’s since judging by precedence, I would have to be a governor to get there."

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Courtesy: Thisday Online.


Even Islam gave a condition of equality btw the wives and the way they are treated.

I am sick of this people. I wonder why nothing has changed in this 21st century as per wedding in our country

with all due respect whats the point of his story. ebuka or watever his name is should go and sit down and think of a better story to write about. so nigerian journalist which i want to believe he is not one. is so bored now , we now write and compare marriages of the rich. okay !!!!!! we know yar adua and his family like to marry fellow governors how does it benefit us. we that are the buyers of the newspaper , the citizens of the country that barely gets light , roads and needs better school education , how does it help us? like Ladi said the money and festivites are good enough to build schools in the north and other parts of nigeria. i just saw a documentary on youtube that is called nigerian schooling kogi , kaduna and kanu. the cameras followed kids as they go to school . the schools are uncompleted the teachers are tired of free work. why cant people bring that up to with the governement. ehnn!!!!!!!! oshi olori-buruku , the stupid boy is hoping for a chance with obama's children lol i know he's joking but haba . abeg throway gist person fit enjoy. i rather hear gossip than hear the crap this wannabe celebrity is writing. na who give am job neways.

yar'adua's daughter is just 21 and omg shes such a gem of a beauty(the latest mrs yaguda or whatever)
one first lady(names witheld) expressed ther gratitude that mr. president didnt have 36 daughters(as each state would have their share of the national cake......

i think everybody should just chill out a bit!

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