Monday, December 1, 2008

Hausa Children should read!

Most of you should have heard or read about the Jos crises over the weekend. More 200 people killed. Muslims killing Christians and vice versa.after a local council election with supposed rigging. Some folks burnt churches, others burnt mosques and people's homes.

Read on BBC and Thisday

I promise you, its not successful business owners, bankers, civil servants, teachers, lawyers, engineers, musicians, any educated person or students with a correct brains upstairs.

Its restless children, teenagers, young men...and maybe women. It starts with Almajirai (young male beggars) they don't go to school (or manage Islamiya evening education) and learn the street hustle, start carrying knives (typical local hausa guys) and when they grow up the good ones sell suya or open kiosks, become drivers, Mai-guardi (gatemen)or do some decent hustle. I mean the uneducated ones.

Lack of education leads lack of exposure, idleness, low IQ, and 'demon' possession (Lol!) can make anyone wake up and because of election results go on a burning spree. Thats why the north continues to have a bad reputation or stereotype for!

Suppose, McCain's rallied some young white guys to go around burning down folks houses because Obama won?

That's exactly what happened in Jos.

And Jos was the las-gidi of the North way back then. Sprezatura did a post on Jos when he was growing up(Home of Nasco Cornflakes and biscuits, Wamco Dairies etc). And on the road to my precious Northern state, we drove past Jos everytime. Since so-called democracy, Joshua Dariye, the place has deteriorating. Theres still some nice places (Rayfield) but with one religious clash or the other,.... Somebody help!

And the chain of useless politicians in the Local government.....

Back to the point, I think the children of the north need quality public school education. Jos private schools are very good: Bethany, Baptist High are like the Olasore/Adesoye/A-hall/Loyola of the North.

Then they can be reading their books instead of looking for houses to burn down. They should even be selling suya and kilishi or sitting in a damn office. Iliteracy and Idleness na winsh factory (devil's workshop)

We can't change people's religious beliefs but you can get then off the streets.

I think I want to do something.... Look what some did (CNN Heroes award finalist) did in with children Ethiopia:

Cidersweet is our blogger from Jos...Pray you're okay oh!

I'm becoming more political huh? Tiwa, thanks for reminding me to update!


It is a very sad that Jos is engulfed in flames. I went to High school close to Jos and it has always been near and dear to my heart.
I do believe what you are saying about hausa kids needing a better education. If we can just get the parents to send them to school and provide for the parents, so they don't have to send the kids to sell at the motor park then we can start seeing changes.

I am alive and well oh, thank you. You're right, the lack of education is one of the major problems affecting us. How exactly do we "get the parents to send [their kids] to school"??? This is the question I will be thinking of.

Take care of yasself, Ladi. Good job.

What happenend in Jos was particularly abhorrent ....The city has seen more religious conflict than anywhere else in Nigeria in recent you said education is the way forward...
imo it should be mandatory up until the school cert level across the board..

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