Friday, November 7, 2008

Uzoma Okere...Assaulted by Naval Officers

Y'all should have heard how this dear lady was brutally beaten by Naval Officers in Lagos in front of Price WaterHouse Coopers accounting firm.

"On the third of November 2008 on Muhri Okunola Street, Victoria Island Lagos, the traffic was chaotic. A young lady (Uzoma Okere) driving home from work didn't move her vehicle out of the way of a military convoy on time, resulting severe beatings by armed Nigerian Navy men. The convoy consisted of Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade's personal Navy saloon car and his pilot truck, consisting of 6 armed bodyguards."

It's unfortunate that this has topped the level of non-democratic events occurring lately.

Watch the video:

Punch Newspaper:

Join the facebook petition groups:
Petition for Justice: Uzoma Okere
Uzoma Okere Foundation Against Armed Forces Brutality (Nig.)

It's unfortunate that people are saying about Uzoma Okere's status (her father is a Sergeant-At-Arms). No matter how rude she could have been (i read a comment saying she was stuck up...bad belle na bitch!), nobody, no woman should be beaten with her clothes taken off on the streets.

I'm happy she has a prominent relative who took it to the senate at least laws can be passed to protect the 'masses.' Especially in democracy because Abacha can as well raise from the dead lets return to military rule.

I wish her recovery and mental stability. I can't imagine that happening to myself.



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