Friday, October 31, 2008

Tribalism in Nigerian Music

Whats wrong with some Nigerian southerners????

I saw this video a few minutes ago and the comments suggested CNN was an idiot for doing a report on Hip Hop up north. Some one said Kano wasn't even in Nigeria but the middle east. Some said it was irrelevant and decided included religion (Islam) in it. When did a report on Hausa Hip hop rather than southern hip hop become not appreciating the things of Africa. That's why so called southern artists won't go any where because we don't appreciate other cultures bo one will appreciate ours. Others complained about his accent what of y'all with janded/ Ibo and h-factor Yoruba accents?

I wish CNN actually did something on D'banj, Tuface, Psquare, Asa and co...but the reaction this video received just show how backward, ignorant and tribalistic Nigerians are. If oyibo gives you crap, you probably deserved it.

I paste some comments:

-wetin consine mallam wid hip-hop?

-this northern pple are still way back from the real world.

-They moved away from 419 and is now focused on the North of Nigeria. (419 is the same as Hausa Hiphop??????)

-if na arab or koran music I for gree,but Naija hip-hop (in the north),na lie!!!!!

-bulls***! f***CNN

The video:

See why there is No progress in Nigeria??????

I'm a northerner but a christian and its sickening to see so called born again folks talk they way they do. Where is the love?

That's why we face racial prejudice. If we don't think our fellow citizens are human beings. As in I'm freaking pissed.

Talk about justifying ethnic and religious violence!


Hey Ladi, i understand why you are angry, im yoruba whose grand parents were born in the north so we have been northerners by birth n quite frankly iv witnessed the way Northerners are portrayed as un-intelligent slow people, heard jokes as well. But its nothing to get angry about cos the truth is it will never change. But i think the answer lies in the number of leaders the northerners have produced. Be it military or not.

I hear you loud and clear. Everytime I meet my Nigerian brothers here, its seems all I do is dispel myhts about the north.

I think we all need to treat everyone with equal respect irrespective of tribe.

But does anyone still remember the most successful musician in Nigeria comes from the north.

Wow, this kinda caught me off guard for a minute there. I didn't know Northerners were perceived in such a negative me ignorant but I've never come across such before and the other two commenters who say Northerners are portrayed as un-intelligent and having to dispel myths..this is all news to me..I have a friend from the North, although he grew up in Lagos, I never heard anything like that remotely close from him...I think it's so sad and also, ignorance of the situation fuels the stereotypes.
Wow, this is really surprising for me...I think it essential to somehow dispel the is the question...Thanks for the enlightenment's simply ridiculous how people choose to be ignorant of other cultures, even in a country like Nigeria: when we don't even consider ourselves to be brothers and sisters on our own precious land, how do we expect to treated otherwise when we step out in the "real" world consisting of other countries with more or less similar stories?
Being a northerner, and having gone through a secondary school with lots of southerners (like 80%), I would overhear comments from jealous classmates like "Oh...her average is so high only because she speaks Hausa..." (Hausa was compulsory)......but then they would come to me for help with Calculus (I thought they said Hausa was the only subject I was good at)........its sad that people still carry around little stereotypes while going through everyday life...but we have to find a way to deal with the stereotypes that we have of each other, else our lovely Nigeria will deteriorate further and further till it no longer exists.......

i'm also hausa. unfortunately the video isnt loading so i cant watch and see for myself.
tribalism despite our so called 'developement' is on the rise, from music to the banking industry to politics and trades.

i guess we still have a long way to practice absolute unity in our diversity.

whoever said Kano is in the Middle East is an ignoramus!

u needn't worry about fools like that

where is my comment? arggggggghhh

No now i got more than two things to say. what da fuck was that? . this is the shit cnn always pull out thier dry ass and throw on my t.v screen and then call it diversity. like the babez said wat about artist like dbanj , shit tuface or even common seun kuti. i heard dude is killing it in europe , but noooooooo they wanna show some dum dum who cant even sing. i kno the equipments they use for shooting videos is not camcorders. has anyone seen psquare behinde scenes. dem suckers got a fatass roll on camera like cats in hollywood. am pissed , everytime they show nigeria is always in a low standard way. like everyone in northern nigeria listens to nazir or watever his name is.i kno some northerns who bump to jimmyjat and so onn. they act like u wear jeans and u gonna get stoned. okay emm lemme take that one back . i kno if person wear jeans go die lol but real talk CNN ya'll can do better.

lol. i think you're over-reacting and giving those ignorant people too much credit. every 'tribe' has its pros and cons, if you want to break it down that way. the comments say more about those who wrote them than about hausa hip-hop

As I said on Bellanaija its irritating when be categorised by some ignorant ladi am hausa to the born very pround of my heritage and am christain too. So people generalise attibutes esp negative ones to our culture it is very offensive.
Esp youruba people but i've got questions first, ask them if they've ever been to the north or what they know about the people i was born in Bauchi, lived in Delta, anambra, lagos and ondo. more than a majority of them I can tell you about nigerian people and cultures, when yoruba and Ibo men want do business or form some form of alliance or friendship why do they usually end up in the north?

yes we are naturally conservative people but we are the most loyal, and if I would be quoted wrong its only reason why nigeria is got so many northern rulers cos in politics in any part of the world you need people you can trust...why didnt obasanjo refuse hand over to any eastern Governor (am not saying its right oh!)

anyway about the music thingy above I think our rulers need to open up and stop being hypocrites cos their children dont all listerning to Dan maraya and being able to express your through music that is not offensive, is of our freedom of expression under the UN human right convention of which nigeria is an active member

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