Friday, October 31, 2008

Tribalism in Nigerian Music

Whats wrong with some Nigerian southerners????

I saw this video a few minutes ago and the comments suggested CNN was an idiot for doing a report on Hip Hop up north. Some one said Kano wasn't even in Nigeria but the middle east. Some said it was irrelevant and decided included religion (Islam) in it. When did a report on Hausa Hip hop rather than southern hip hop become not appreciating the things of Africa. That's why so called southern artists won't go any where because we don't appreciate other cultures bo one will appreciate ours. Others complained about his accent what of y'all with janded/ Ibo and h-factor Yoruba accents?

I wish CNN actually did something on D'banj, Tuface, Psquare, Asa and co...but the reaction this video received just show how backward, ignorant and tribalistic Nigerians are. If oyibo gives you crap, you probably deserved it.

I paste some comments:

-wetin consine mallam wid hip-hop?

-this northern pple are still way back from the real world.

-They moved away from 419 and is now focused on the North of Nigeria. (419 is the same as Hausa Hiphop??????)

-if na arab or koran music I for gree,but Naija hip-hop (in the north),na lie!!!!!

-bulls***! f***CNN

The video:

See why there is No progress in Nigeria??????

I'm a northerner but a christian and its sickening to see so called born again folks talk they way they do. Where is the love?

That's why we face racial prejudice. If we don't think our fellow citizens are human beings. As in I'm freaking pissed.

Talk about justifying ethnic and religious violence!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


DUH! As many of y'all have noticed many businesses are being run by foreigners look at restuarants, supermarkets, boutiques, bakeries, cinemas. Anyone heard of the Chinese bakery OCEANIC in Abuja that was basically making a sweatshop out of the oven (the best grammer I could use). They were locking their Nigerian employees in cages (i suspect the term was exagerrated) but anyone heard of slavery some centuries ago being repeated this time with our new "colonialists." One of many examples not that Nigerian employers ain't bad but seriously you get visa to come and maltreat me in my own 9ja?

Not that I'm xenophobe. AH! I'm on another man's land but its about time WE start investing in OUR resources especially since we're still termed THIRD WORLD then we can open the ground for foreigners to make money off our SOIL. But, till then it should be OUR calling.


NuMetro- Silverbird


Imported Kiddies clothing-RuffnTumble

MaryKay- House of Tara, BMPro

Pere Hilton- NiyiTabiti and Ayeni (LOL!)

Hollywood-Nollywood and Hausaland's Kannywood

Amigo, 411 etc in Abuja (Indian and Lebanese)- SAHAD Mehn (the luxury market I love Hausa people!)

(The big examples I could manufacture in 3 seconds)

The video-trailer below (AFRICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS BBC'S BEST DOCUMENTARY OF 2006) is about Indigenous African entrepreneurs in fashion, agriculture, ANIMATION (people didn't believe it was 100% Africa) floristry (dunno the term), telecommunications et cetera. I was so touched!

The second video is about Ruff n Tumble store in Lagos. Any of those business owners would have run to the west to do menial-odd jobs or even corporate world jobs that seriously if you don't have that blue or burgundy passport you're as bad with the fat paycheck and the term ALIEN, the nastiest term for foreigners that I've heard. Alien again? AH!

If I've preached enough I hope you've been converted. AFRICA IS OPENED FOR BUSINESS. There's no closing time yet.

Courtesy:, National Black Programming Consortium and Youtube.



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