Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Mary Mary

(re-posted but updated) I love the gospel sister duo though I'm not one of those fans that can sing every song they've sang courtesy of pirated cds in 9ja (true but lol!). But they're recent release "Get up" is one of those songs that have been shacking my senses plus with good/powerful lyrics I don't feel like some rapper's byatch and all.

Its like 'Shackles' that was one of those gospel songs that hit the secular genres hard.

Their album was out October as well as a new website but for now check-

Mary Mary's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/therealmarymary

God In Me!

Get Up!

"Get up" and "God in me" are my favs.

Soup for your soul.

Happy Easter Season!!!!!


I love GET UP by Mary Mary, love it, its inspirational and grovy.

We loove pirated cds, Ladi (lol!)
My server is extra slow tonite so I cant watch the videos. I remember when Mary Mary first came out- wow, stylish Christian sistas.

You havent responded to Fareeda's tag. Why na? (sulks)

So... people might call me a heathen for saying this, but i don't like listening to contemporary Christian music. The reason? They seem to think that if they don't sound like all the other music that's out there (contemporary R&B/hip-hop and pop-rock) they won't sell. So they subscribe to the formula, and the music ends up being boring, and less inspirational, because they're trying too hard to make it hip. For instance, I like "God In Me" but it sounds like every other R&B song coming out these days - it's nothing special. And why did they have them dressed in geek glasses and hipster gear? Was that necessary? Do they need to do what everyone else is doing to be good? I love me some Mary Mary, but I like music that is beautiful and powerful, not just in lyrics but in the music itself. Can't a song for Jesus be amazingly good and unique, instead of just okay?

Mellowyel, I think they are simply being themselves which is 'normal' fashionable women that I can look up to.

Contemporary musicians are using the 'language' of their audiences to send the message. Igbo pastor uses Igbo and Igbo music, same with other ethnicities. I won't listen to a pastor or musician preaching in Yoruba when I don't speak.

Mary mary wearing long skirts, turtle necks, and headties is not their 'culture' and they need to 'sell' not only to make money but spread the gospel by appealing to popular culture.

Gospel is trying to reach those who haven't heard (world) not exactly those who already know. Preaching to the choir doesn't grow the church.

Don't you wear trends? Does it mean you are copying? You're just doing you same with Marymary.

I think we should stop chaining christians up.

chaining Christians up is the last thing I want to do. I'm not saying they should cover their whole body because they're being too secular. That's not it at all. What I'm saying is this:

a) if they're just being themselves, then it should feel genuine. the God In Me video seemed like it was trying too hard to be cool, particularly when they were wearing hipster gear. To me they didn't look normal - they looked like they were dressed up for a costume party, not like they were comfortable in those clothes and would actually wear them on a regular day.

b) trying to appeal to people who haven't heard the word should not be done at the expense of artistry and creativity. preaching in someone's language is different from deciding to simply imitate popular music. Christians are inherently rebellious: we challenge ideals that are of the world and propose a different way of doing things. Mary Mary can do that without resorting to using the bland basic formula of today's music industry - good music reaches people. It's bad enough that most of today's secular artists prefer to make a song that will sell as opposed to a song that stands out. I don't like to see Christians doing the same thing because in my opinion, it's the Christians who should be making music that stands out, instead of your run-of-the-mill R&B radio track.

Freedom means not being confined by other people's standards and ideals. Mary Mary, in my opinion, are allowing themselves to be controlled by what's hot in the music industry. If anyone's chaining them up, they're the ones doing it to themselves.

And I'm not saying that they should go back to Mahalia Jackson-style gospel music either. I'm saying that Christians should make music that stands out both musically and message-wise. Maybe it's just me: I can't listen to your standard cookie-cutter R&B or pop-rock anymore because it bores me: it's not innovative, or interesting, and it doesn't move me. So it disappoints me to see Christians doing the same thing: if anything, THEY are the ones who should make music that stands out.

I like Mary, Mary,
They were in Lagos for the Experience last December.........the lyrics of their songs are powerful.

I like Mary, Mary,
They were in Lagos for the Experience last December.........the lyrics of their songs are powerful.

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