Wednesday, August 27, 2008

T.W.O Clothing Line

I stayed away from fashion for a while now because either Tigerbites, Bella or Nigerianfashionfreak's blogs address that field.

Just in case you haven't yet heard about this line.

Anyway, there is this new line called T.W.O (Tolu, Wendi, Odiri) which I totally adore plus kinda knew the designers from way back then in school and facebook. Lol!
It's so far not like any Nigerian 'clothing' line that designs like ten dresses and thats it! I'm overwhelmed by their collection since I'm used to seeing so little. I wish the young business women tremendous success!

Make sure you check them out, cash and carry:

T.W.O Fabulous!
Thoughts anyone?


I love these guys too! I heard about their blog through a comment on bella naija's blog and I think their line is just i just need to get my hands on one of their stuff!

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