Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michelle Williams: Unexpected

She was my absolute favorite in Destiny's Child. I had both her gospel albums and now she's doing something different in her album UNEXPECTED. I LOVE HER and her new singles are awesomeness: We break Dawn, Hello heartbreak, Stop this car and The greatest.

Check her website and Myspace to listen:

Hello Heartbreak and We Break Dawn are my absolute favs!


I'm banging my head- hola if it actually has an effect on your senses!

Viva DC-Michelle!!


hey ladi! welcome back!
I love michelle williams as well and I'm loving we break the dawn..haven't heard the other singles but im off to check it now on her myspace

I hope the album does well cuz she really deserves it

I hope she does well with her new record.

I didnt understand your qts on my blog, did u mean to ask if there was an Abuja blogville thing?

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