Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ladi lives

She does!

I've finally finished my internship so time to breath and blog.

In the midst of the stress two of my closest buddies went through tough period one lost the dad (RIP) and the other was hospitalised for weeks.

Instead of relying on them to be there for me all the time it was my turn to try and be there for them. My biggest fear was saying and doing the wrong things in an attempt to show some Ladi love.

Sometimes silence is better thats if powerful prayers are backing it up which I tried to not stop doing.

I learnt that God does everything for a reason. Though we say it all the time we hardly believe it but eventually its as true as truth could ever be.

I thank God for the strength he has given you. I pray for lasting comfort for you and your whole family. May God fill every void and supply every need of y'alls according to his will. 2008 is still promising so goodluck with everything can't till you graduate (Lol!).

Babe, I wish and pray for complete recovery. I wish you could come back to yankee so we can have our cheap/free 2 hour long conversations. Who will I 'gossip' stock markets, business, and politics with. Sha, shey you get credit for phone? We'll yarn joh!

Time and prayer heals so I'll keep kneeling and keep living....



I dont get, I read the article and no doubt it is a true representation of lagos, but I work hard for my money, and Ilike Louis V, Prada...plus I can afford it, I go for drinks and eeat out when I wanna! Im not tryna prove anything, that just my life..why it just be that? We shd try and strive for evryone to have a better live and not be upset coz some do and make them feel guilty! U live in the US, how many people did u leave behind..is any1 making u feel bad about wanting to better urself!!! Haba mai nai?

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