Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Futuristic: Careers and all

I have been stuck with my laptop, no classes, no papers, no homework, no group work or class presentations. Students' Paradise I guess but not really I'm wasting right in front of that screen.

Laptop= Unlimited Internet= Yahoo+Facebook+OnlineNigeria+Search engines......

And there's always something to do, if its not chatting on messenger or facebook (that so called networking winch!), so perusing email archives and YES, blogging, watching MTV's The hills, My super sweet sixteen and Exiled, America's Best Dance crew (Chei see stepping) and ofcourse for free Nigerian and Ghanaian movies (The Beyonce and Rihanna movie had a scene shot near my house!!!!), exploring music and movie reviews on, there always something do can't wait to get busy with classes.

And I survived without constant internet in Abuja oh! Now I'm back and forgetting my roots.

So, in the mean time I'm making grand plans for the future. There is this fun business I've been dreaming of for months now. I read in Cosmogirl or Seventeen magazine that it made a teenage chic a millionaire in $$$.

Only for me to go home this summer and read that the idea was also just borne and realized by someone. I figured that I better start planning my competition (shey its healthy in economics?). The product/service in question is kinda expensive so I better figure out walmart-style how to cut costs so mine is actually a success/ good competition and we can build that industry!.

Whenever this pet project of mine becomes a reality, I'll expatiate further.

This is what I've been thinking about, doing research online, reading 'how to' websites and checking my school class schedule if classes/courses are offered in that field, looking on to find books related to that field, I even have a folder and notebook on my bed as trusty companions.

Thanks to my ijebu-igbo northern family, any small change/naira from christmas and sallah since I was younger was collected and converted to shares now from yankee if I read the news and see a company is offering I call home and "Please, can you buy so-so companies shares?" Most of my business (yes, I sell stuff when I travel back) goes to NSE. Thats future collateral oh!

So, this Maryland based company that does web design, logos, corporate identity (Omotola's website and Skye Bank's ads amongst many): came to my Dad's office and left a thick fancy brochure, he brought it home and was like "Ladi, you see what young Nigerians who schooled in America are doing? I hope you come back with some innovation like these people." Getting value for the dosh spent thus far.

Yea right as in now I'm shining my eye anywhere I go to find innovative stuff and damn there's a lot. Its how to start that gives me headache. But what is the point to chartering a plane across the Atlantic ocean and coming back home with no proof of exposure to the developed world? I could have as well gone to my state university in the Northeast and remained well, unexposed. Thats another reason foreign degrees are a biggie in Nigeria. Not only is the educational standard and system better (YES, argue!), technological advancement as well as development but exposure to how things work in the G-8 joints.

Back to my project, I'm 19 and feel to old to just be laying strategies. I should have started when I was 16 huh? Kidding but I feel like time is not enough. I will graduate at 21 then work in Yankee legally for a year (OPT for international students in Yankee), do NYSC in Nigeria, attend Graduate school, get a job and continue growing this business of mine by the time I've gotten my masters, I might be like 23 or 24 (Chei!!!!) My mother has warned me to be independent before even thinking of marriage so we can brush that side a bit.

Hmm, anyway, I guess I have time. I spend so much time thinking about the future (good or bad?) Lemme finish this phase first but meanwhile I'll be drawing a business plan courtesy of my ECON textbook.

Some alums from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and co are coming next week to give sessions, mock interviews and hopefully hook students up. I quickly signed up since its limited. My school is in a village/rural area/ very fairytale fantasy place in the South so companies hardly come all the way to recruit us though we are ranked very high and all (Location, Location, Location) this is an opportunity so I'm spending that time hearing Banking, Finance and Consulting gist.

Seek ye first the kingdom and everything else will be added. I believe!

Can I get a witness?




Student Paradise is what it's called. I love that phase of Hope you are doing great.

You got big dreams girl. Me likey.Good luck.

You are obviously very smart, big things for you

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