Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fine babe, no pimples! Ladi stepping to gorgeousness

So more recently, more people are rushing to every and any spa: moroccan, chinese, brazilian, calabar fattenening-room spa, all of them. Me na Hausa spa I go start with those Hausa pregnant-just gave birth-women's hot water and herb bath. Kai! I have recipes already!

The makeup industry is booming (BM Pro, Toni Payne, House of Tara's line with the yoruba name) as well as couture, designers are lending and giving celebs clothes anyhow (Rukkies and Linka Ikeji: I'm jealous!) and we Nigerians are watching and taking cue. Perfection is the goal whichever one you can afford.

After spending an hour on reading blogs and fashion magazines, viewing air brushed pictures, many of us ask ourselves How can I look, dress and feel like her?

And hair, Bobby Eke's salon amongst others in Lagos (I heard you have to book two weeks ahead to an appointment...Beverly Hills 9ja style) and Cotonou Boys in Wuse 11, Abuja. A fellow intern at work told me those Benin-Republic natives charge N10,000 for million braids (when its like N2,000 or less in kaduna and Jos and N4,000 what my Mum pays in Abuja usually) and once some lady had to pay N15,000 for God knows what they placed on that head of her. She got the fat bill (which could be someones month's salary) and with a cutesy-spoilt-ajebo tone said "O kay!" CHEIII!!!!! Anyway, if I can afford it why not allow someone feed himself but seriously HAIR again?

(Now hair is becoming pricey like UK and US oh!)I have braids which I'll keep for three months and relax DIY in front of the mirror with instrustions and style again myself if not I'll either be broke or EFCC'll arrest my Dad if I can afford those luxuries regularly. Nah!

In this material world, you'll need to first get gym membership either to join the Joneses or truly get fit and firm, take dance classes- Salsa to be precise like if the dancing in Church doesn't burn enough clories and our traditional owambe steps are not enough we've moved to Salsa? Cool sha but it just sounds like some move to fake jandedness when I hear some folks say they take salsa lessons. I learnt tap dance from PE in school but I'm gonna open a fulani dance club or something (hmm, lame!).

My school's gym is mega awsome and free so I hit the jackpot there.

Me, am a victim of working out now! I started this work out plan created by Jessica Alba's trainer, Ramona Braganza, that I got from an old Seventeen Magazine. She alternates (daily) 40minute cardio with 10 minute cardios along with 'strenght moves' she calls them (Squats, leg and biceps curls) . The workout plan is for two weeks but I'm modifying and doing mine for a month and see if it firms me up if not na sue I go sue. I don't need to lose weight lai lai! if not I'll keep looking 12years old. Instead of watching TV, exercise is better than couch potato-ing right?
Start saving up for it bags: Prada, LV or Gucci and that classic-square cuboid shaped Chanel with the chain straps to take attention from everything else if not, get a skincare regimen and ka-ching we're ready.

So next, either invade Sephora version: House of Tara or the nearest passing-by makeup selling mallams (true or false?), Thats why I love-like-hate 9ja, see babes in Abuja patronising those mallams which is great 'cause you're feeding him but to go out and be shouting lies that you shopped on Oxford street( I digress but Hiss!)

If you've been reading my past blog entries you'll know I'm a 'condition bend crayfish' Mascara junky (started with Rimmel London, then Covergirl Lashblast, and now Maybelline Define-a-Lash). Eye pencil is like a Northern woman prerequisite so I've been wearing it since nursery school see my baby, kiddie pictures have me with navy blue eye pencil. Omo fine girl no pimples!!!

Now adolescence (what my buddies call it, I call it stress-induced breakouts) wants to deal with my face but the Devil is a Liar!!! so I'm taking my cleanse-moisturise-conceal regimen seriously. As per foundation, too much TV and magazine adverts have convinced me that mineral powder is better for the skin so I switched to Covergirl Pressed Mineral Foundation for my oily skin. Yea and Neutrogena's wash and tone cleanser and Clean and Clear's SPF15 moisturiser in the beginning and middle of the routine. On weekend I use peel-off mask and apricot srub if my face start manufacturing dry, dead, skin.

Three of those products we're in Cosmogirl's Beauty Hall of Fame so I'm on track!

Don't need any anti-aging stuff Biko, not yet!

What else? Exfoliation. I alternate disinfectant/ anti-bacterial bath wash with exfoliating-scrub bathwash only God knows if they actually take away the dead skin. I guess! Since I cannot afford spas plus I should be studying Economics and doing homework so I could as well get over dead skin while I bathe. Ko? But is like sand all over my body (Damn am sounding like a bushgirl now!)

Teeth, whitening oh! I'm not taking this aspect too seriously. I just switched my mouth wash and tooth paste to whitening ones and yes, the chewing gum I chew too is stain preventing and whitening. I switched from basic anti bad-breath ones. I'm not spending time on whitening strips yet maybe during my next break or holiday or something.

Last, I have to sign an oath to eat fruit and drink V8 and Fuze drinks on my school ID flex so its kinda free so I got my Vitaminerals babyeee!. That Barney's song Apples and Bananas ain't child's play.

Oh, and WATER, I started drinking so much (its healthy duh!) that I started spending '5million' hours in the rest room which is kinda embarassing so I just drink a lot when I'm in the confines of my room and can run to my personal bathroom without warranting reactions from people (What the hell does that chic in the next toilet cubicle drink? Lol!)

Workout, check!

Face, check!

Skin, check!

Teeth, check!

To accommodate all these changes, being a student and not having time for excess ephizzy I just exchanged my former lifestyle with something better, cheaper/economical, and healthier alternatives. I'm in a village in Yankee and don't quite socialize in Abuja so there's no one to put my picture in Purefoto for any reason so for self satisfaction I guess.

"If you look good you feel good. If you feel good, you sell/cook/work good" Deion Sanders (sportsman) says for everything.

If I look close to Jessica Alba or Chalya Shagaya (Another Northern QBee) seriously I'll inform y'all. Ha ha!

But that's not the point though. If I feel better and more confident and less conscious then I conquered. This is for myself and me alone.

Let me not forget what matters most is the inside soul so I'm picking my Bible up now. Been on the one-year Bible plan so I can finish the scripture in 12 months. God, please forgive me I slacked a bit and have to take a year and a half instead. But by His grace, I will.



Thoughts anyone?


Lol, You are funny. The world is crazy today and it is not cheap being a fly girl. HMMMMMMMMMMMM

Nice post! really feel u on the cheap and cheerful way to d same 3 months braid thin n relax DIY...picked up a few pointers as well so thanks for that..

i think d main thing is not loosing sight of other things that matter as well or even more, when one focuses completely on looking good at the detriment of other things... then not good at all

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