Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Futuristic: Careers and all

I have been stuck with my laptop, no classes, no papers, no homework, no group work or class presentations. Students' Paradise I guess but not really I'm wasting right in front of that screen.

Laptop= Unlimited Internet= Yahoo+Facebook+OnlineNigeria+Search engines......

And there's always something to do, if its not chatting on messenger or facebook (that so called networking winch!), so perusing email archives and YES, blogging, watching MTV's The hills, My super sweet sixteen and Exiled, America's Best Dance crew (Chei see stepping) and ofcourse for free Nigerian and Ghanaian movies (The Beyonce and Rihanna movie had a scene shot near my house!!!!), exploring music and movie reviews on, there always something do can't wait to get busy with classes.

And I survived without constant internet in Abuja oh! Now I'm back and forgetting my roots.

So, in the mean time I'm making grand plans for the future. There is this fun business I've been dreaming of for months now. I read in Cosmogirl or Seventeen magazine that it made a teenage chic a millionaire in $$$.

Only for me to go home this summer and read that the idea was also just borne and realized by someone. I figured that I better start planning my competition (shey its healthy in economics?). The product/service in question is kinda expensive so I better figure out walmart-style how to cut costs so mine is actually a success/ good competition and we can build that industry!.

Whenever this pet project of mine becomes a reality, I'll expatiate further.

This is what I've been thinking about, doing research online, reading 'how to' websites and checking my school class schedule if classes/courses are offered in that field, looking on to find books related to that field, I even have a folder and notebook on my bed as trusty companions.

Thanks to my ijebu-igbo northern family, any small change/naira from christmas and sallah since I was younger was collected and converted to shares now from yankee if I read the news and see a company is offering I call home and "Please, can you buy so-so companies shares?" Most of my business (yes, I sell stuff when I travel back) goes to NSE. Thats future collateral oh!

So, this Maryland based company that does web design, logos, corporate identity (Omotola's website and Skye Bank's ads amongst many): came to my Dad's office and left a thick fancy brochure, he brought it home and was like "Ladi, you see what young Nigerians who schooled in America are doing? I hope you come back with some innovation like these people." Getting value for the dosh spent thus far.

Yea right as in now I'm shining my eye anywhere I go to find innovative stuff and damn there's a lot. Its how to start that gives me headache. But what is the point to chartering a plane across the Atlantic ocean and coming back home with no proof of exposure to the developed world? I could have as well gone to my state university in the Northeast and remained well, unexposed. Thats another reason foreign degrees are a biggie in Nigeria. Not only is the educational standard and system better (YES, argue!), technological advancement as well as development but exposure to how things work in the G-8 joints.

Back to my project, I'm 19 and feel to old to just be laying strategies. I should have started when I was 16 huh? Kidding but I feel like time is not enough. I will graduate at 21 then work in Yankee legally for a year (OPT for international students in Yankee), do NYSC in Nigeria, attend Graduate school, get a job and continue growing this business of mine by the time I've gotten my masters, I might be like 23 or 24 (Chei!!!!) My mother has warned me to be independent before even thinking of marriage so we can brush that side a bit.

Hmm, anyway, I guess I have time. I spend so much time thinking about the future (good or bad?) Lemme finish this phase first but meanwhile I'll be drawing a business plan courtesy of my ECON textbook.

Some alums from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and co are coming next week to give sessions, mock interviews and hopefully hook students up. I quickly signed up since its limited. My school is in a village/rural area/ very fairytale fantasy place in the South so companies hardly come all the way to recruit us though we are ranked very high and all (Location, Location, Location) this is an opportunity so I'm spending that time hearing Banking, Finance and Consulting gist.

Seek ye first the kingdom and everything else will be added. I believe!

Can I get a witness?



T.W.O Clothing Line

I stayed away from fashion for a while now because either Tigerbites, Bella or Nigerianfashionfreak's blogs address that field.

Just in case you haven't yet heard about this line.

Anyway, there is this new line called T.W.O (Tolu, Wendi, Odiri) which I totally adore plus kinda knew the designers from way back then in school and facebook. Lol!
It's so far not like any Nigerian 'clothing' line that designs like ten dresses and thats it! I'm overwhelmed by their collection since I'm used to seeing so little. I wish the young business women tremendous success!

Make sure you check them out, cash and carry:

T.W.O Fabulous!
Thoughts anyone?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michelle Williams: Unexpected

She was my absolute favorite in Destiny's Child. I had both her gospel albums and now she's doing something different in her album UNEXPECTED. I LOVE HER and her new singles are awesomeness: We break Dawn, Hello heartbreak, Stop this car and The greatest.

Check her website and Myspace to listen:

Hello Heartbreak and We Break Dawn are my absolute favs!


I'm banging my head- hola if it actually has an effect on your senses!

Viva DC-Michelle!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lagos and Lies: Abuja's guilt

I went on Bella Naija a while ago and saw her post on Gossip Girl LIVE IN LAGOS, fake accents and all and The New York Times' article on opulence in Lagos.

Yippie! was my first reaction, now the world can see there is more to us than AIDS, Malaria, Hunger and all that rubbish. Then I realized that with majority of our country's population living on less than $1 a day (N120 imagine) we really are a wicked bunch of people.

I am the thriftiest, stingiest (in a good way), economical Ijebu-Igbo girl I've met without being to hustler-down to earth ish. Lol! At Here's my average weekly expense at least for this summer in Abuja during my internship:

N1200 Taxi cab (I try for safety and all)

N800 Half plate of jollof, coconut or fried rice

N150 Maltina or Fanta twice a week

N1300 Credit that's like N500 for 3 days

N350 randoms acts of kindness/treats

In all that's N3800 almost N4000 if i did the math well. I had shawarma indulgence but have avoided cinemas, bowling alleys, concerts and (popular ajebutter hangout spots) and I'm supposed to be thrifty middle class???? With majority of my people (wayyy older than 19yr old me) living on N900 a week, dunno how I'll survive.

Thank God, my family can eat in an expensive Chinese restaurant not every month but a few times in a year. What of those who will never eat more that once a day?

It makes me think of how privileged I am that even though I don't have a car but can afford a cab.

My hustler cousin who wasn't raised as 'aje' as me took me to the market. She made me enter Abuja 'Danfo'- green and white buses instead of a cab. It was squashed up with people, no seat belts Duh cause of overcrowding, the 'scent' and 'odour' of what truly defined Nigeria: The masses. I couldn't complain.

That experience made me smile as a certified Nigerian. What 70% of the population goes through everyday.

We paid N60 for the ride saving us N200 if we had used a taxi. If God didn't bless me small this uncomfortable danfo would be my pimped up ride every blessed day.

At least I can afford a cab.

The worse is the so called rich who still have the guts to exploit. Cows of Bashan! (Secondary school CRS We went to my villa this summer and on the way back we went to this place where fresh fish is sold. The Hausa guy was complaining that a woman came in a 'BIG' car to buy fish of N2,150 (N150 probably being his profit again change that to dollars). She gave him N2,000 and zoomed of in her SUV. If she could afford that ride as much as to show it off in Abuja why couldn't she just pay the full price. Later, she'll eat the fish with her children. What if that Hausa guy decided to quit selling fish and be cheated by rich folks instead to join armed robbery and pick a couple of millions every week. That lady will be first hit as well as many of us who hiss and say to ourselves "why the heck does a low class Hausa man need N150?"

If you believe in juju, the fish bone might choke someone to the nearest clinic too. Abi?

I'm not justifying crime but it starts from somewhere so I vowed to try and give tips when I can afford, not bargain uneccesarily. Simon Kolawole of Thisday newspaper wrote an article, "one day the people will rebel" basically saying the housemaid, driver, washer man, cook/chef and staff of the wealthy can see the Ghana-must-goes of cash, designer items, the restaurants and joints you hangout, the mall you shop in, which they would never have/afford and one day will rebel. We pray armed robbers won't come near our houses but we can't give a little donation.

Though the article was directed towards corrupt government officials, it applies to all the privileged who ignore whats happening in our poor, backward, 3rd world continent.

Think of that guy that sells credit making maybe N200 a day and pray he doesn't decide to channel his frustration elsewhere.

I keep asking my self what the point is. Why do we have to eat Portuguese, Thai or Chinese, Shawarma DAILY!!!!, go to pricey concerts, visit the cinema DAILY, be spotted carrying Louis Vuitton?

That's if you don't have the dosh for it which levels are you tryna prove?

Thank God for luxury but as we enjoy them lets not forget those who don't have the opportunity to every be like me, you or us.

At least I can afford a cab.

If money if about to leave your wallet, purse of account think of what you can do to help someone. As long as 70% of Africa is poor, no one gives a HOOT if you spend summers abroad, live the glam life and have a fabulous job. You'll only bee seen as the wicked bourgeoisie too who can't even give crumbs to Lazarus.

Thank God for his mercies.
Again I'm from a middle class family, 19 years old, want to enjoy all the luxuries of life and hoping I don't become a Cow of Bashan. Simplemente!!!!!

Ladi is back in US and can resume blogging and releasing her inner frustrations.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ladi lives

She does!

I've finally finished my internship so time to breath and blog.

In the midst of the stress two of my closest buddies went through tough period one lost the dad (RIP) and the other was hospitalised for weeks.

Instead of relying on them to be there for me all the time it was my turn to try and be there for them. My biggest fear was saying and doing the wrong things in an attempt to show some Ladi love.

Sometimes silence is better thats if powerful prayers are backing it up which I tried to not stop doing.

I learnt that God does everything for a reason. Though we say it all the time we hardly believe it but eventually its as true as truth could ever be.

I thank God for the strength he has given you. I pray for lasting comfort for you and your whole family. May God fill every void and supply every need of y'alls according to his will. 2008 is still promising so goodluck with everything can't till you graduate (Lol!).

Babe, I wish and pray for complete recovery. I wish you could come back to yankee so we can have our cheap/free 2 hour long conversations. Who will I 'gossip' stock markets, business, and politics with. Sha, shey you get credit for phone? We'll yarn joh!

Time and prayer heals so I'll keep kneeling and keep living....



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