Friday, June 6, 2008

Thisday Style and Vanity

So sorry for lack of updating. Ofcourse I'm in Nigeria right now and too lazy to drag myself to and internet serving computer.

So thanks for the "have a great summer: messages but Delabique (thanks mucho!), I'm not done with school yet though I wish I was done so I coulsd do my masters and NYSC by the time I turn 21.

So to my topic.

The issue of pictures as a means of satisfying out vain desires. I read an article by Helen Ajayi (Thisday Style..She's awesome cause only her articles stick to my head. The fashion tips change so often that leopard print is the -ish for the month only to hear next week that purple is the new LBD- little black dress and next week its actually green that is timeless. Ah! another fashionista will now declare its Greek inspired outfits now I'm confused so I only rip styles for my tailor off Thisday Style's weekly magazine and read Helen Ajayi and a little Tiger Bites.)

Kai, I diverted.

So Helen Ajayi talked about the "Fine art of boasting." The topic was too sweet she had I, II and III of the article. Everything from flaunting handbags to PDA- public displays of affection and faked phone conversations as current means of boasting or proving levels by women, men and young kiddos.

I'm not sure she belongs to any of those new online networking stuff- Facebook, Hi5, Tickle, Friendster and the likes. But I wish she had included them in a better way than I'm about to.

So Facebook, the one that succeeded in getting human beings to add 20 something albums and 5million pictures leading to the Facebook-addiction phenomenon of logging on to view a message your friend sent you only to end up spending 2 hours looking at young people shopping at Zara and standing in front of Harrods, eating in Abuja's Ceddi Plaza, lining up to enter Silverbird's or Nu Metro's Cinema or the KING OF VANITY- taking pictures of yourself by simply experimenting in your privacy the perfect smile, lifting your hands up and click-flash-taken.

Oh and the "i have a new boo" or "snog, snog We're in love"- a rising phenomenon. I only pity those who wrap up shortly after. Ladi is not jealous but there is an extent so I'm officially immune. If you can't makeout on the streets of Lagos then don't post em on facebook or I'll print it or email it to...


One of my girlfriend's boo 'banned' her from posting any pictures of him on the internet. She even has to crop pictures that happened to include him leaving everyone who is ignorant about the relationship suspicious asking"who's shadow is that in the picture?" Lol!

And they are the most perfect couple every-one is soooo jealous they don't have to fake photoshoots to make everyone green.

I smell vanity.

Just Ladi's thoughts.

I'll be starting working soon so if the demon of Nigerian Men(tality) strikes blogville will hear sharp sharp!!!!!

Snog Snog!!!!

I'll be posting my own pictures soon..just kidding! maybe!!!!


He who does not want his picture to appear, could it be that she is not the only Beyonce to his Jay-z?

Interesting piece. I totally agree about the facebook thingy. It gets on my last nerve. It's almost like some pple live their lives with facebook in mind.

Love the article about the boasting art...was way too funny and too close to home...

Facebook - thankfully i have not fallen victim ..but i so know its addictive

Primark has never been top end so taking pictures in primark is not something to be proud of.....just thought i'd drop that in

@ 'Yar Mama: He's just very matured.

@ Sting: U Huh!

@ Facebook: not addicted yet and its been two years

@Nosa: Did I mention Primark was high street? Just writing reality people do take pictures in front of primark even walmart. Thanks for popping though!

Thanks for dropping by.

i love thisday style mag 2 pieces but truthfully i agree with yopur observation and must confess u av a good sense of humor cos i was really laughin when i was reading it.heken ajayi is a gud contributor,wish we had more of her articles.abt d fb thingy,its annoyin cos a lot of times u get

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