Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm in 9ja now. Nepa and mosquitoes are an awesome combo.....


Sunday, May 11, 2008


I saw Bishop Tutu and took pictures with him so thats awesome.

Been working so hard with graduation at my school for the past three days so my legs are killing.

I'm sooo sleepy right now and packing up all the junk from my room to move out.

Countingdown to going to 9ja. I called home and they told me NEPA had just taken light.

I guess I'm counting down to less electricity supply.


I have gotten all my online orders so good for me.

What is Naija Chickito's latest blog entry talking about. Is any one worried or is it me?

Later mutane (people).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ladilicious Damage..more Splurging..Nobel prizes

There's nothing better the home calling to say I'm going shopping. So I did earlier yesterday and went to the mall later. As per, "buy this, buy that, for your cousin, e heh, your aunty," okay oh! Instructions heard remaining to damage the kudi.

I ended up buying like 3 cotton dresses and one blazer for myself and A LOT for my family. I went to GAP kids to shop for my sisters and I looked like one small baby mama buying clothes for her kids. LOL! I ended up clearing myself by gisting with a store assistant about how I couldn't return the clothes because I lived across the atlantic, and I was an african princess who came shopping all the wayyy to SHOP (okay I didn't tell her I was a princess oh biko!)

Anyway, I call my shopping trip damage to my debit card and being the end of the semester there's not quite much in there so to be shopping like that, its DAMAGE!!!!

So my I-Pod has arrived I need to pick it up from the post office..Yei!

Ladi is done with final exams and packing. MADNESS! My room is the hottest mess and I'll go to sleep like that and continue for the remaining few days I have here.

Secret: I'm gonna see (hopefully meet and take a picture, AMEN) with Bishop Desmond TuTu before I head out of this country so before the month ends. He's going around and will be at my yankee village of a school so oya pray for me 'cuz na hustle, I dey hustle.

Actually, they have MILO, the chocolate drink in South Africa and they are trying to impress him so guess who's supplying Milo for the Nobel Prize winner? Ladilious mehn (not confirmed yet) but I am theo only human being with Milo so imagine cooking Indomie for Mandela?

Is anyone feeling me here????? eh eh eh?????

This Arewa (northern) chic is going places.

Toh, Sai anjima mutane,

(Later people)


Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Splurging Habits. My ruffles, I-pod, and Me

I have taken three finals in three courses, one more left to do on Tuesday so my study break is to well, blog!

So my awesomeness of a closest friend got me a Forever21 gift card for my birthday and I bought the ruffled tops I've been making noise!

I bought an I-Pod, it took three seconds to order it online so I got a 1GB shuffle in red. The AIDS in AFRICA I actually like red and its a good cause so I dropped a 'whooping' $49 and $3.88 in tax.

I ordered an engraving on it too. Way to immortalise oneself= story for another day.

Its my birthday present for myself.

1GB is 240 songs kinda so that enough for me. I can't be slaving myself to music. And I don't want to watch videos on my I-Pod. TV addiction is bad enough. Now you tube and free-episodes online...Kai, this generation eh?

Plus, In 9ja you can't be carrying an I-Pod the size of a remote control cause those area folks will just do you jazzy so the smaller, the less noticeable, the better.

See how I'm giving reasons for cheapness? Lol, But I think I made a smart choice.

Till I see ya in my mail box.

Is it me or has anyone also gotten addicted to Kini Big deal by Naeto C? I was even singing it during my spanish exam. Stil love Lagimo by Rooftop MCs still.



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