Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality) 5

I've not updated in forever..students oh!

Sha, Nigerian Men (tality) where did I stop?

The Mallam B where I worked. I was filing as usual when a customer, a man aged 50yrs or more came to my unit transfer money to his son in university up north.

Okay, being the intern and him the big man (can't stand in queues), I went and did the whole transfer thing. When I came back with his tracking number, he started whispering "foot ya number" (the Hausa accent wasn't that bad I'm just exaggerating) I thought he meant the tracking number so I dropped the card that had the number on it. Then he turned the card around to the blank side and stylishly slid it towards me and repeated his request. He was talkinge made sure my boss (northern female) didn't see him or suspect his 'naughtiness.' I ignored him and continued filing.

I opened a drawer beside him to take out some slips and before I knew it his expensive phone had landed in the drawer along side his whispering "put your number."

"Chei!!!" (melodramatic shock)

His son is in University (my age-group) so how will the father be asking for my number unless to do matchmaking. Someone that 'fishy-ish' is not okay upstairs. Which kin matchmaking? You and your son will be competeing?

My Dad is not up to 50 so "Granpa,...I hate this Nigerian Men (tality)."

Wait I'm supposed to look 12 right?

He never came back during my internship there so thank God but I would have gathered more guts to handle the situation.

Two Mallams down, one 'hood boy stalker, one market agboro...our country eh?

More reminiscing to come....and check out the older Men (tality) posts.


What website could I find tickets to Abuja?


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