Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lagimo by Rooftop MCs

Is it me or is anyone feeling this song. Not the beat but the message is so powerful if more people thought less of themselves and worked more to God's glory and less to public opinion....

private jet at 35, mansion by the lake, ladies screaming...etc (that's the lyrics....)

I have been preached too today.

Thank BellaNaija for bring to my attention.

Oya y'all listen and watch the video. I'm officially off youtube.



I like that song as well..the beat, the lyrics and the video. I didn't get it at first though cuz I though Lagimo had some sort of sexual connotation..but then I heard it properly.
Nyways, Hope you're good?

That song is off the hook, off the chain, off everything.
Those guys are unique.
I'm searching for the lyrics.

Beautiful song.
The lyrics are off the 'schizzy' or whatever its called these days.

Show the pics with Tutu pls.

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