Saturday, March 22, 2008


This was my final pick. The one I loved the most went out of syock so these two. I find it hard choosing between the sleeves?

Which color?

I'm so undecisive but I might end up with the secong one though the sleeves don't seem timeless to me.

Happy Easter weekend.

I had an argument with one of my best-est buddies (dudes eh?)

My weekend has been rough I need to go counselling next week (Kolo alert?)

Please pray for me.

My uncle is coming from Abuja to visit so thats one good thing this weekend.

The lala oh!.

God's blessing y'all!!!!!


yeah, i think the second one is the way to go. Happy Easter!!

ello there ...

Congrat with the choices ... although look both a little close, so perhaps you might need a third quite soon ? Time to take your uncle out shopping during the weekend!

ladi dear, i think the second one is best. i actualy admired it before reading the part where u considered it. i wish i can have

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