Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ruffled and Tumbled.....

I have my spring break so its lazying around for me...TV, blogging, Facebooking, Window Shopping online, Calling, Daydreaming of ..., cooking, reading and sleeping.

I need office wear even though I don't have an internship yet. So I've been exploring online but I seriously need a 'serious' trip to the mall ASAP!

So ruffles are my new addiction. I spend hours looking for ruffled tops online. The only problem is I can't find my size (XS) Extra Small in my fav stores or in superb good quality. If you read my Polyester Debate post, you'll know that I'm trying to give up polyester and 'unknown' fabrics and going more natural and quality- Cotton, Linen and Silk unless otherwise not mentioned on the clothes tag.

Here's my fav ruffled blouses. They are all either cotton or cotton-silk blends. So please help me.

Which are your picks?

#1 kinda my least fav...but I lack blue in my closet so its an option

#2 this is tres fabulosa y muy bonita (very chic)

#3 I absolutely love the 'subtle' ruffling (grammar chei!)

#4 (same as #3 just different color.)

#5 I love this one but lunch time stew stains can't ruin a fashionista's reputation in Cashmere Mafia mode...Naaa! I still love it (mega LOL!)

#6 this one will prevent palm oil stains.

Courtesy: Forever 21 website

Alternatively, my tailor in Abuja can imitate these and sew me new ruffled tops to perfect fit (Kai, these Nigerian people!!!) Even those Mallams in y'all work/internship (check last post-Nigerian Men (tality) case 4) will be submitting their CVs and Resumes (Hiss and LOL)

Shebi the Tailor can nail the job? All I need is fabrics (Walmart fabric section, here I come).

What do y'all think? The best? Suggest any websites too please.

Now I need blazers (I saw Tigerbites' post. Damn this material world????)

The LaLa sha,


Nigerian Men (tality) series will be continued...Cases 1, 2 and 3 so far More 'Cases' and ranting of an under 21 yarinya (girl) to come....


LOL @ will prevent palm oil stains!

Nice tops. Im so busty I avoid ruffle tops though some variations do work. I think I have to active activate my naija woman "i can wear broad horizontaly stripped full skirted satin frocks no matter what size I am" genes and move on.

ello ladi, passed by your blog once more. My favorite: #2, although not for every day, coz to chic gets boring, so alternated with mmmh, #4. Hope that helps ... well I guess #4 does not help against the oil stains ...

i was about to say "aren't these tops on" until you cited
i've been wanting to buy #4 myself... so i don't blame you.... but #2 is not bad.. it looks wierd at first, but on a good pair of pants, it could be awesome... but i also like #4 and #5... but if you are looking for blue, then go with #2...... i am not sure about the bow and the ruffles on the same shirt for #4....

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