Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality)- Part 1

I have issues with typical Nigerian men-boys-guys. I'm feminist in a Nigerian sense and believe me I don't hate them oh. I'm talking about the ones that fit the stereotype of the overpowering, exploitative, and the disrespectful toward women.

"listen to me woman!!!!,"

"I can't marry you, you can't cook, wash plates or mop floors"

"baby gyallll, my wife!!!" (to a five, ten, or sixteen year old)

I'll pass out quoting those irritating statements.

In addition, fingers in sinful motions, dilated pupils, lips getting moisturized by tongue licking = one word, "Eiiiwwww"

After graduation from secondary school (when every teenage girl thinks its her time to become a big chic), I met this girl from my graduating class. She was looking posh, a little older but she was only sixteen after enduring the ugliness we we're subjected to in boarding school, it was easy to conclude that she was smoking or whatever adjectives you can use.

Anyway, we talked for a bit and the issue of guys hitting on her came up. This 'wayyyy' older guy was chatting her up and she made it claer that she was only SIXTEEN years old and too young for him. His response?

"The younger the better."

The dude wasn't a teeneger but a grown ass man, thats my problem.PAEDOPHILE! What were his motives with my dear girlfriend?

"The younger the better??" WTHell????

See my problem.

Or in the market. Wuse market in abuja for example. I only wear huge bou-bous to go there now. No makeup and if possible, no earrings and a headtie. 'Cause those agboro boys will touch the 'ish' out of you with the aim of "come and buy my fine tops."

HELLO? I'm in a boubou honey, I don't need your tops. At least talk to me DON'T touch me.

So last summer, I was in the market with my mum to buy some stuff. I was lagging behind because some "boys" we're freaking the crap out of me. This one dude was pulling my arm trying to get me to buy a handbag telling me how 'fine' I was and if I was 'vacant'. I can't write everything here but I considered what was going on to be verbal and physical molestation of a mild sort though (BTW, I react to unwanted and unwarranted touch so at this point in time, I'm feeling abused).

Anyway, I got a full dose of nonsense and called out my mum, who was walking straight ahead of me doing her thing. In hausa I said "Mummy, ga dan iskan nan fa?" (see this crazy guy). She stepped back and by reflex, used her handbag to hit the guy. It lasted 3 seconds. The guy got the point. All the other market guys started scolding the dude since clearly, he's the one at fault.

I love my Mum.

More gist from the marketplace, church, locality and workplace.

See 9ja guys-boys-men oh! Not all though but can't anyone step away from being defined by stereotypes? I'm only writing this because I only go through those wierd hit-on encounters in 9ja.

More bashing to come. No, I adore my buddies so I'll call it criticism. Not all fit in this bracket I'll be placing folks in the next few days.




LOL...Your mom's reaction...Priceless

hey!!i dropped by

i so much hate those market guys that touch someone all in d name of 'come and buy my stuff' anyway, i love ur mum for what she did

cheers xxx

haha, yeah they are really radical in wuse market with all that touching & grabbing. I never thought about wearing a boubou...hmm. Maybe i'll wear something really conservative the next time i'm heading to the market in Nigeria. P.S: I noticed the touching was less occurent in the new Utako market.

gosh! i try not to comment on Nigerian men as my experience has been overwhelming negative and i've decided to stop giving them a break because we share the same passport. i have not experienced problems in Wuse market most likely because i hardly go and when i do i cover like a 'proper' Muslim and the last time i went there was a big guy with me. lol.

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