Friday, March 28, 2008


I've have personally been complaining about how bloggers have not been updating. Then I realized I also blogged too. kai! Its been some helluva past few days. My Uncle left after easter monday and one thing with Nigerian uncles is they always leave some 'canji' (Hausa for change as per money) so 'godiya' (thanksgiving).

I'm seriously searching for a plane ticket to go home. The only good ticket I've found is a Lufthansa that takes me to Germany then Equatorial Guinea? That makes me 'na wa' in my head but I want to fly British Airways. last year I got a mega-cheap ticket from BA under $1400 return ticket to Abuja for more than 2months duration I dunno why this year is proving difficult.

Anyway, Niyi Tabiti has been stealing blog ville show for the past few weeks with gist from Nollywood and LA (as per!). I'm personally addicted a Perez meets E!news..I Like!

I saw the Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria contestants and the fact that 7o% of them came from one ethnic group bothered me. I love Igbos but kai whats up with Igbo girls represented ALL of the northern states. Even the ones with full-fledged Sharia had some hoochy looking photos.

Here, I know a true Alabama girl will rep Alabama with her southern-country accent the way a Hawaiian will and Rhode Islander....I don't like the lack of diversity but since they've accused us of having 'high morals' according to a comment on BellaNaija, Za mu huta (we'll rest).

I'll catch up small on blogging soon.

Take care!


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