Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Polyester debate

I love watching What not to Wear (Clinton and Stacy's US version). Usually I catch it every friday evening and Saturday mornings. I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready to give out all the clothes and shoes in my closet for $5000 spree to be spent according to their "rules." Oh well, they'll definitely do a good job getting quality, fitting pieces but until then,...

The show's hosts repeatedly condemn polyester. Me, I decided to follow suit/ take their advice of not buying polyester items. Their motive behind it, I dunno. I mean, cotton is comfortable, silk fancy and all but sometimes we just need to cover our heavenly temples abi thats the point of clothes in the first place? What if its 30% polyester, 20% rayon, 35%cotton and 15% spandex all bleneded together?

So I went through my favorite items in the closet. This top I got from Wetseal, Japanese-styled print. I thought it was silk oh! I LOVE IT SHA!!!

No, I'm not that daft to not recognize sik but when I was buying it, It looked good enough plus it was kinda pricey compared to the other stuff in the store. As of then,these television people were not dictating what kinds to fabrics were deadly fashion sins.

The top ended up being polyester. I'll still be rocking the top 'cuz at least the 4 times I've worn it, compliments showered.

Next item: My 'fleece' jacket.

For some reason fleece blazers seem to be in fashion (preppy winter fashion). In my oyibo joint sha. I almost screamed when I realized the jacket was polyester. So what? I came back to my right senses when I realized that I wasn't Paris Hilton. I really am not bothered; it is too much TV getting to me.

Next: 'Satin' dress

Even this 'satin' dress I lurrvve ended up being polyester.

Actually, not of the above items look cheap. Sometimes the price per yard of the materials sings to your face others know how to fake-it.

"Made in China" has suceeded. Kudos???? Maybe

Well, I'm not trashing the polyester stuff yet. I shall hold on till size, and trend do us part.

New shopping rules for me: Cotton, Linen, Silk .

Not really!

I decided to follow What not to Wear show's rules and purchase more natural fabrics though.

Oya scrutinize your closets for those polyester items. Apparently, its not only style/design. The fashion police will also be arresting for improper use of fabric- even if it looks expensive.



LOL, A lot of clothing from Zara to bigger names like Betsey Johnson all manufacture in China as well. I agree I could not give up my wardrobe for $5000.00, I am glad that I am not challenged to be set up by my family or friends for 'what not to wear'. lol

Yup. I'll be insulted if they turned me in.

@Set, FYI, Zara clothes are manufacturedin Spain and not china.

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