Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nigerian Fairy Tales

Yesterday was my school's showing of Vagina Monologues to raise money for a charity. I was in it last year but lemme brag by saying I was too good I didn't wanna look like 'purewater' this year. Lol! I'm kidding oh! Anyway, the actor's outfits were balck with a touch of red (accessories) so I've kinda been feeling that colour in the past 24hours.

Today, I decided to be the princess of a foreign inspired fairy tale today after stepping out to talk a long walk through the woods. Like in TigerinSanFran, I have this red jacket. The wahala is that this jacket isn't the cutest winter coat in terms of trend, fit, and poshness level. Its a kilted, paded jacket and honestly, it does its job well. When I go alone to the dining/cafeteria, I'll drop my jacket over my chair and go get food. By the time I'm back theres all my 'people' seated there like they were spying on my choice location. I found out that that all they had to do was look for my RED clothing and they knew I was there. CREEPY!!!! Anyway so like Little Red Riding hood, I wore my jacket and stepped out into a nice, lil' chilly sunny day.

Red jacket.

Then, hunger struck. My tummy eh!!! I didn't even tell y'all why I was taking this walk through the 'woods.' I had dance practice and the theatre studio is a long walk from my dorm. Hunger should not make me faint on the road abeg! Sha, to take care of my hunger, I grabbed me an apple, a RED one from the kichen (another yankee level, my dorm serves dorm breakfast on saturday mornings). Does that ring a bell? Snow white.

Red apple.

As I was strotting, I walked by my history professors house, checking our her red toyota hybrid. You know us northerners, only Honda (pronounces hAnda) and Toyota seem to trip us. Maybe peugout (PEE-JOTE..Kai, when we used to forget the word was french and be 9ja-nizing the pronounciation.) Hybrids are supposed to reduce the petrol/gas that your car uses so, when I actually become a 'Cashmere mafian', 9ja and I will be feeling this ride.So, as your guessing, the ride was red = My carriage. Get it? Cinderella.

Red car.

Why isn't there buzz on any African princesses. We 'ajes' (mega..LoL!) in 9ja grew up liking Pocahontas, Sleeping beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and the other characters.

Who knows Queen Amina, ancient queen in Kano (Hausaland)? Not even 9ja folks do unless you took history class which only the 'not smart' took.

I now know that ther's a doll company based in Lagos making barbie-inspired African dolls with the name 'QUEENS OF AFRICA'. I think thats awesome. The dolls wear ase-oke, ankara, beads and all those great cultural/traditional outfits. Way to go.

But na oyibo princess we dey do yanga with? Not anymore.

Maybe, when our own fairy tales get popular, non-Nigerians/Africans can feel like Princess Hauwa today, Chioma tomorrow , Tolu the next and proudly blog about it.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone.



What book with Nigerian fairy tales would you recommend ? For bed-time story reading to the children.

My Propietess in Primary school wrote some from TAROK LAND in Plateau(Jos) state. Its called Tarok Folktales. I read it back then great tales from a minotiry ethnic group.

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