Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lip Gloss mafian

So i'm elevating my makeup status. From my routine Kajal eye-pencil (since I was a toodler), eye shadow and chapstick. I decided to add mascara the reason being my not-too-full-thick or long lashes. Last weekend I decide to add lipgloss. I have this nasty lip-biting habit which really does suck. My mum and other "good" friends hate and I use it as an excuse to not pass as a girly-girl (perhaps to impress guys..I'm a mumu shey?)

So I went to walmart (oh yes, I don't do sephora, macys, fenwick-type shops) and spent an hour in the makeup section looking for LIPGLOSS. Too many brands in the market and aisles for any normal being to handle. Lip pumpers and plumper ect. Who needs to double the size of their African lips? Na wa oh!

Sha, Lipgloss happens to dis-allow me from biting my lips plus its looks great on everyone so why not take my time exploring the millions of brands. I don't pay attention to commercials, I look out for brand names, then most importantly, the price tag.

I ended up taking 4 different brands to the counter- maybelline ($5), marykate and ashley($4), l'oreal($8) and covergirl wetslicks($5).

STUDENT ALERT!!! Incase you're about to brand me a cheapo. Ijedu-igbo in hausa skin..Yes oh!

I ended up with maybelline cuz it had more mililitres (ml) than covergirl even though they were the same price.

Now your thinking I'm such a freak but I check everything from Ounces, ML and stuff. the cashier lady was probably think I was some broke-ass student but...Me zan yi? (Wettin I go do?)

I needed to show financial prudence and not pretend I'm a Cashmere Mafian (in a few years AMEN!!). Okay, my mum thinks I'm an awesome economist allocating scarse resources to my unlimited wants and needs while my sister thinks I'm plain STINGY. Issshhh! thats brutal sis!

I'm loving my lipgloss though I'm currently licking and biting my lips at the moment. Okay lemme find the nearest mirror any apply my Maybelline"shiny-licious banana pudding flavored" gloss.

A huge "mwuah" kisses and besas to y'all!

Inna hauka ko? (I'm mad right?) LOL...Thats the LaLa!!



Gaskiya, ki na hauka. lol.
Funny post. You gotta stop biting before you accidentally bite it off.

Nice blog.

Gaskiya, ki na hauka. lol.
Funny post. You gotta stop biting before you accidentally bite it off.

Nice blog.

Great new look. LOVE IT! That would be great wallpaper for Tiger Tem....(my actuals wall, not my blog!)

Lipgloss, I'm not the biggest fan to be honest. My everyday routine consists of eyeshadow my current fave is Bare Escentuals. Eyeliner and mascara (we already spoke about that one).

During the day, a quick dab of Carmex works for me but in the evening I either use Mac (I think its called Oh baby or something suitably cheesy) or this fabulous one I found in Boots! I think its of those supercheap ones but looks great!

A great tip for MAC (and any perfume), is buy it in the airport! Saves a lot of extra pounds that way!

@ Oracle- Thanks for stoping by.

@Tiger- That would be a nice wallpaper! I do the airport perfume buying thing too. Cheaper duty-free and great gifts. Especially Heathrow-Gatwick not really Yankee airports.

I love your blog . . . . .

I love cover girl lipgloss. . . . . but my absolute favourite is the Victoria secret one!

@Azumi-My friend uses VS. Its a really nice one!

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