Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dance-a-holic and Techno-Makossa

Have you seen the techno style-Makossa video on youtube called Decale Gwada??

The Cheoreography is fab!

Its awesome. I love it. Check out the oyibo chic there. When I saw her, I put on my dancing shoes and began to imitate. Sha, I'm choreographing a contemporary african dance for my school's mega dance production that shows three consecutive days so its a lot of energy and work. I'm also in a tap dance piece (9ja don turn to oyibo. Yes I like tap dance with tap shoes and I learnt last semester in a compulsory PE class. I'm on beginner level!). Anyway, I have been watching a lot of music videos and choreographed stuff on youtube. Check African students Association in madison.

Sha, as I was talking about those Decale Gwada song guys, I had to research and investigate the musicians and thanks to technology, I found out that they are La Selesao, based in France from Ivory Coast originally. I love 'em

Their website:

Enjoy some makossa meets western style.



heheheheheh, so cool! I couldn't stop smiling at the African students dancing, so much fun! reminds me of the good old days! wooooooow. I am old!

I am gonna watch it one more time, hehehehe


I watch it multiple times every week so enjoy!!!

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