Friday, February 8, 2008

Bag-a-holic 2 ...the better deal

Yes, I know many were disappointed with the last bag-a-holic post but, there's better news today. Why? Cuz its Michael Kors (Project runway judge and fab American designer) real leather (tired of the expensive faux) and mostly under $400 (still a lot for me, I'm a student under 21, but I can actually look forward to buying his handbag(s) when I land a smoking internship or job in the future).

My absolute Michael Kors Favs:

I won't buy this though but it's tres cute...

Simplemente!!! I love..Inna So..Me do you say I love in yoruba?

I think of Mummy when I see this.

Gist: I bought a similar immitation for 3 pounds from Peacock's in london last

This duffel makes me wanna travel (to compensate for economy class though)

Now I can wear a Zebra-Giraffe hybrid!!!

Who doesn't like this?


Shey I tried today? Abeg grade this post from a scale of 1 to 10 so I can go to fashion appreciation school if I flunk.

Random question: Did anyone at some phase of their life time use a nylon-plastic (leda) bag in place of a handbag? To carry your wallet, makeup, BOOKS and stuff? Confess!!!

I think I

Oya lemme go and read so I can begin to plan for future splurging- Kors bag + Madden shoes (Louboutin instead????)

Take care y'all!



Nylon bag?? Hopefully it was one of those nice paper ones!

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