Friday, February 1, 2008

Ashionye and Beyonce

I did a post on this topic last month. Check out the upper pleated-ish neck area detail on both dresses. Ashionye's dress is from the Future Awards. Beyonce's I 'fapped' from SET'S BLOG

Anyway, it seems like the controversial comparison between both women might not end soon. I thought Niyi Tabiti said the dress was couture and designed by Muyiwa-Clothes Sense (lagosians help me out here!). Clearly, a tailor got some Beyonce-inspiration.
Anyway, this was my observation today. I feel like papparazi!!!


sorry but who is ashionye?

Musician-Radio Show host-actress

Eeeeeek. Beyonce definitely rocked it better. . . . .

. . . . . . and whoever designed Ashionye's dress set her up BIG TIME. . . . it's very common for designers to copy bigger designers though . . . . I've read about so many different law-suits in the recent past . . . . Nigerian designers better beware.

. . . . . . on the other hand though, sometimes someone might make something and think it was a product of their creativeness, but forget that they actually saw that same thing somewhere a few months ago.

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