Friday, February 29, 2008

Stressing and Lipgloss popping

Damn! I've been so stressed out this week obviously 'cuz I'm a student but planning events, doing PR, writing essays and memos, taking mid-term tests (plus spring break coming up), I actually thought I was gonna breakdown. Two of my best buddies lost their loved ones(RIP) so that was more trauma. May God give them comfort.

Thank God, my problems are almost solved though with two events today and one mega one tomorrow evening, a history test on monday, I'm getting there slowing.

Updates with my lipgloss and mascara: so last week I felt like makeup, so I kajaled my eyes (extreme black pencil), did the mascara thing and lipglossed up. Afterwards, I went to the cafeteria only to hear my friend sing "its popping, its popping" RING A BELL? Lil Mama's Lipgloss song. As per, my lipgloss was serious popping I couldn't help but crack up and rubb it away to normalcy.

Anyway, I haven't stopped biting my lips unfortunately. My lips finally cracked. Literarily. CRACKED in the middle. Really painful but thanks to an overdose of Carmex chapped lips remedy, the lippys are back to normal ready to compete with lil mama.

That wasn't the end. I started breaking out on my face. I heard stress makes you break out with acne and pimples but I never thought it made sense but now it does. I have like 6 enemies sticking out of my fuska (face) which never happens. Sha, with good punishment from Clean and Clear and St. Ives, I'll be taking them down pretty soon.

Whats the 9ja 411? Check Funmi Iyanda, Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija.

Whats with Riyanna and Chris Brown? Hmmmm!

Jordin Sparks song with Chris Brown "No Air" is awesome. I love the video too.

Still hangin' there,


Saturday, February 23, 2008

NIGERIAN FOLKTALE: THE LEOPARD MAN and Nigerian Bill against indecency

Hey y'all. I'm extremely busy with work and planning the first ever African Week celebration in my school so I hope y'all feel me. Here is a folktale courtesy of Motherland Nigeria's website.

Enjoy the tale preferably under the moonlight. Lol!


A handsome stranger once came into a certain village and strolled about among the people in mysterious silence. All the maidens admired him and wished that he would choose one of them for his bride. But he said nothing, and at last walked away into the forest and disappeared from sight.

A month later the stranger came again, and this time one of the maidens fell so much in love with him that she resolved to follow him into the forest, as she could not bear to be separated from him.

When the stranger looked back and saw her coming behind him, he stopped, and begged her to return home; but she would not, and exclaimed, "I will never leave you, and wherever you go, I will follow."

"Beautiful maiden, you will regret it," replied the stranger sadly, as he hurried on.

After a while he stopped again, and once more begged her to retrace her steps. But she made the same reply, and again the handsome stranger said in sorrowful tones, "You will regret it, beautiful maiden!"

They went far into the depths of the forest, and at length reached a tree at the foot of which there lay a leopard skin.

Standing under the tree, the stranger began to sing a melancholy song, in which he told her that though he was allowed once a month to wander about in villages and towns like a man, he was in reality a savage leopard and would rend her in pieces as soon as he regained his natural form.

With these words he flung himself upon the ground, and immediately become a snarling leopard and began to pursue the terrified girl.

But fear gave such speed to her feet that he could not overtake her. As he pursued her he sang that he would tear her in small pieces, and she in another song replied that he would never overtake her.

For a great distance they ran, and then the maiden suddenly came to a deep but narrow river, which she could not cross. It seemed as if the leopard would catch her after all. But a tree, which stood on the riverbank, took pity on her and fell across the river, so that she was able to cross.

At last, nearly exhausted, she came to the edge of the forest and reached the village in safety. The leopard, disappointed of its prey, slunk back into the forest, and the handsome stranger was never seen again.

Source: M. I. Ogumefu, Yoruba Legends
(London: The Sheldon Press, 1929), no. 12, pp. 18-20.
From Folklore and Mythology site


Have y'all heard of the proposed Nigerian bill against indecency, nudity and all. Check out Funmi Iyanda'S BLOG which has the full gist.

Read the Comments on her blog too.

My opinion is that girls and women should have access to education, employment, and infrastructure, non-discrimination, no forced marriage or genital mutilation, maltreatment (especially of widows). There should be justice for rapists and sex offenders rather than placing blame on a beautiful girl (God-given beauty who happens to be wearing a long skirt, long-sleeved shirt, head tie and flip flops....Did her dressing have anything to do with being a victim? Yet she was.)

When all of these issues are settled, the government can choose to tackle moral issues. In fact, morals are for the society, family, Churches and Mosques to handle because decency is subject to numerous definitions interpretations.

Pray for Nigeria this weekend.

Take care and have a blessed one.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Polyester debate

I love watching What not to Wear (Clinton and Stacy's US version). Usually I catch it every friday evening and Saturday mornings. I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready to give out all the clothes and shoes in my closet for $5000 spree to be spent according to their "rules." Oh well, they'll definitely do a good job getting quality, fitting pieces but until then,...

The show's hosts repeatedly condemn polyester. Me, I decided to follow suit/ take their advice of not buying polyester items. Their motive behind it, I dunno. I mean, cotton is comfortable, silk fancy and all but sometimes we just need to cover our heavenly temples abi thats the point of clothes in the first place? What if its 30% polyester, 20% rayon, 35%cotton and 15% spandex all bleneded together?

So I went through my favorite items in the closet. This top I got from Wetseal, Japanese-styled print. I thought it was silk oh! I LOVE IT SHA!!!

No, I'm not that daft to not recognize sik but when I was buying it, It looked good enough plus it was kinda pricey compared to the other stuff in the store. As of then,these television people were not dictating what kinds to fabrics were deadly fashion sins.

The top ended up being polyester. I'll still be rocking the top 'cuz at least the 4 times I've worn it, compliments showered.

Next item: My 'fleece' jacket.

For some reason fleece blazers seem to be in fashion (preppy winter fashion). In my oyibo joint sha. I almost screamed when I realized the jacket was polyester. So what? I came back to my right senses when I realized that I wasn't Paris Hilton. I really am not bothered; it is too much TV getting to me.

Next: 'Satin' dress

Even this 'satin' dress I lurrvve ended up being polyester.

Actually, not of the above items look cheap. Sometimes the price per yard of the materials sings to your face others know how to fake-it.

"Made in China" has suceeded. Kudos???? Maybe

Well, I'm not trashing the polyester stuff yet. I shall hold on till size, and trend do us part.

New shopping rules for me: Cotton, Linen, Silk .

Not really!

I decided to follow What not to Wear show's rules and purchase more natural fabrics though.

Oya scrutinize your closets for those polyester items. Apparently, its not only style/design. The fashion police will also be arresting for improper use of fabric- even if it looks expensive.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nigerian Folk Tales 2...Ladi Recommends

The Dancing Palm tree and otherNigerian Tales:

Individual tales include:

Hippo and tortoise

Cannibal Story
The Twin Brothers

Why Cats kill Rats

Suggested Link/ source:

This one has gazillion stories:

Oya, story-telling time under the village tree!

I have a spanish test tomorrow so pray for me...I gotta go read now!!

Cheers and Ciao!!!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nigerian Fairy Tales

Yesterday was my school's showing of Vagina Monologues to raise money for a charity. I was in it last year but lemme brag by saying I was too good I didn't wanna look like 'purewater' this year. Lol! I'm kidding oh! Anyway, the actor's outfits were balck with a touch of red (accessories) so I've kinda been feeling that colour in the past 24hours.

Today, I decided to be the princess of a foreign inspired fairy tale today after stepping out to talk a long walk through the woods. Like in TigerinSanFran, I have this red jacket. The wahala is that this jacket isn't the cutest winter coat in terms of trend, fit, and poshness level. Its a kilted, paded jacket and honestly, it does its job well. When I go alone to the dining/cafeteria, I'll drop my jacket over my chair and go get food. By the time I'm back theres all my 'people' seated there like they were spying on my choice location. I found out that that all they had to do was look for my RED clothing and they knew I was there. CREEPY!!!! Anyway so like Little Red Riding hood, I wore my jacket and stepped out into a nice, lil' chilly sunny day.

Red jacket.

Then, hunger struck. My tummy eh!!! I didn't even tell y'all why I was taking this walk through the 'woods.' I had dance practice and the theatre studio is a long walk from my dorm. Hunger should not make me faint on the road abeg! Sha, to take care of my hunger, I grabbed me an apple, a RED one from the kichen (another yankee level, my dorm serves dorm breakfast on saturday mornings). Does that ring a bell? Snow white.

Red apple.

As I was strotting, I walked by my history professors house, checking our her red toyota hybrid. You know us northerners, only Honda (pronounces hAnda) and Toyota seem to trip us. Maybe peugout (PEE-JOTE..Kai, when we used to forget the word was french and be 9ja-nizing the pronounciation.) Hybrids are supposed to reduce the petrol/gas that your car uses so, when I actually become a 'Cashmere mafian', 9ja and I will be feeling this ride.So, as your guessing, the ride was red = My carriage. Get it? Cinderella.

Red car.

Why isn't there buzz on any African princesses. We 'ajes' (mega..LoL!) in 9ja grew up liking Pocahontas, Sleeping beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and the other characters.

Who knows Queen Amina, ancient queen in Kano (Hausaland)? Not even 9ja folks do unless you took history class which only the 'not smart' took.

I now know that ther's a doll company based in Lagos making barbie-inspired African dolls with the name 'QUEENS OF AFRICA'. I think thats awesome. The dolls wear ase-oke, ankara, beads and all those great cultural/traditional outfits. Way to go.

But na oyibo princess we dey do yanga with? Not anymore.

Maybe, when our own fairy tales get popular, non-Nigerians/Africans can feel like Princess Hauwa today, Chioma tomorrow , Tolu the next and proudly blog about it.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Thank God for family and friends and my awesome dorm matron who sneaked a brownie into my room with a cute pressie (Yankee levels eh!!)

Anyway, its concluded that I didn't roast.

For lovey dovey gist, check out She inspires me!

Sha, I'm about to drown in a pool of applications due tomorrow.

Pray for me!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dance-a-holic and Techno-Makossa

Have you seen the techno style-Makossa video on youtube called Decale Gwada??

The Cheoreography is fab!

Its awesome. I love it. Check out the oyibo chic there. When I saw her, I put on my dancing shoes and began to imitate. Sha, I'm choreographing a contemporary african dance for my school's mega dance production that shows three consecutive days so its a lot of energy and work. I'm also in a tap dance piece (9ja don turn to oyibo. Yes I like tap dance with tap shoes and I learnt last semester in a compulsory PE class. I'm on beginner level!). Anyway, I have been watching a lot of music videos and choreographed stuff on youtube. Check African students Association in madison.

Sha, as I was talking about those Decale Gwada song guys, I had to research and investigate the musicians and thanks to technology, I found out that they are La Selesao, based in France from Ivory Coast originally. I love 'em

Their website:

Enjoy some makossa meets western style.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lip Gloss mafian

So i'm elevating my makeup status. From my routine Kajal eye-pencil (since I was a toodler), eye shadow and chapstick. I decided to add mascara the reason being my not-too-full-thick or long lashes. Last weekend I decide to add lipgloss. I have this nasty lip-biting habit which really does suck. My mum and other "good" friends hate and I use it as an excuse to not pass as a girly-girl (perhaps to impress guys..I'm a mumu shey?)

So I went to walmart (oh yes, I don't do sephora, macys, fenwick-type shops) and spent an hour in the makeup section looking for LIPGLOSS. Too many brands in the market and aisles for any normal being to handle. Lip pumpers and plumper ect. Who needs to double the size of their African lips? Na wa oh!

Sha, Lipgloss happens to dis-allow me from biting my lips plus its looks great on everyone so why not take my time exploring the millions of brands. I don't pay attention to commercials, I look out for brand names, then most importantly, the price tag.

I ended up taking 4 different brands to the counter- maybelline ($5), marykate and ashley($4), l'oreal($8) and covergirl wetslicks($5).

STUDENT ALERT!!! Incase you're about to brand me a cheapo. Ijedu-igbo in hausa skin..Yes oh!

I ended up with maybelline cuz it had more mililitres (ml) than covergirl even though they were the same price.

Now your thinking I'm such a freak but I check everything from Ounces, ML and stuff. the cashier lady was probably think I was some broke-ass student but...Me zan yi? (Wettin I go do?)

I needed to show financial prudence and not pretend I'm a Cashmere Mafian (in a few years AMEN!!). Okay, my mum thinks I'm an awesome economist allocating scarse resources to my unlimited wants and needs while my sister thinks I'm plain STINGY. Issshhh! thats brutal sis!

I'm loving my lipgloss though I'm currently licking and biting my lips at the moment. Okay lemme find the nearest mirror any apply my Maybelline"shiny-licious banana pudding flavored" gloss.

A huge "mwuah" kisses and besas to y'all!

Inna hauka ko? (I'm mad right?) LOL...Thats the LaLa!!


Valentines..Roasting..Puppy Love

Am I the only one who has issues with February 14th?

Anyway thank God I'm done with secondary school and roasting days (Roasting being the slang for not getting any presents that day excluding the ones from family menbers. It had to come from a macho). Mehn! Kai! Those were some brutal days oh! I suspect some type of competition amongst the guys. Okay, I went to one of those smart kids-rich kids(according to public opinion)- schools. As per see 13, 14 and 15yr olds giving Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry and Gucci Rush. See me at my age then I was a perfume expect because of these teenagers.

Anyway, in my school, provisions, perfume, sometimes expensive brand were consfiscated to prevent class/ hierachy/ "rep" and discrimination. So the less you roasted the more some dude risked suspension to show his undying puppy-love for you or prove "levels"/ prop his "rep"utation.

When omoges opened their lockers of wardrobes, a moment of "I woder whats in there?" rushed through their veins. Anything from Ferrero Roche chocolate to Coco Chanels # to a smuggled frosted cake to a life Chicken. YES! a roaming campus CHICKEN from the pranksters. I used to form immunity and resistance to roasting heat and I fortunately never had a breakdown moment.

Kai, teenage guys are evil jo!

I was a professional roaster, I'm yet to figure out why, but I had a great support group- my clique of friends who well, weren't too different from me.

DOZ unite...y'all know yourselves!

Anyway, the night of the 14th, see girls screaming oh!


"What did John give Jane?"

"You mean she roasted?"


"I need to brush up my catwalking skills"

"I better quit eating akara, garri and those razz dishes. Its time to jump outta the roasting grill"


"See levels, 25 bars of chocolate, 2 burberrys, 6 teddy bears, one huge cake, a bouquet of 2 dozen roses, champayne (i stress again this is 12-16 years olds champayne? wudda?)...scattered all over her wardrobe/bed/locker"

By the way, these were ALL contraband items. I thinkonly cards, teddies and roses were allowed thanks to Oyibo intervention. See smart-nerdy hustlers oh! Only God spared them.

Some even planned to lie- like the girls (including me) in my house let out a loud scream (the louder the screams, the more romantic the youngman was to his chica). It was false alarm. LOL! The whole girls hostel ran towards our house to see the goodies only to feel the heat of roasting girls. We almost got punished for noise. "but Matron, can't we have some fun?"

Sha, I miss secondary school and whatever awaits me this Vals, only God will decide but either way roasting is out of the question. I'm in university now and there's currently no slang for the condition!

Have a great week!


Friday, February 8, 2008

New Template???

I love my new template background. Tell me what you think.

I just got back from a Neo-soul/ Jazz concert. Soothing.

I got Accounting homework to do.

Ciao and a bueno fin de semana! (good weekend)


Bag-a-holic 2 ...the better deal

Yes, I know many were disappointed with the last bag-a-holic post but, there's better news today. Why? Cuz its Michael Kors (Project runway judge and fab American designer) real leather (tired of the expensive faux) and mostly under $400 (still a lot for me, I'm a student under 21, but I can actually look forward to buying his handbag(s) when I land a smoking internship or job in the future).

My absolute Michael Kors Favs:

I won't buy this though but it's tres cute...

Simplemente!!! I love..Inna So..Me do you say I love in yoruba?

I think of Mummy when I see this.

Gist: I bought a similar immitation for 3 pounds from Peacock's in london last

This duffel makes me wanna travel (to compensate for economy class though)

Now I can wear a Zebra-Giraffe hybrid!!!

Who doesn't like this?


Shey I tried today? Abeg grade this post from a scale of 1 to 10 so I can go to fashion appreciation school if I flunk.

Random question: Did anyone at some phase of their life time use a nylon-plastic (leda) bag in place of a handbag? To carry your wallet, makeup, BOOKS and stuff? Confess!!!

I think I

Oya lemme go and read so I can begin to plan for future splurging- Kors bag + Madden shoes (Louboutin instead????)

Take care y'all!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The BASHA: Croc embossed. For the first time the greek-multiple strap slipper style is working for me. I like! (Steve Madden)

The CANDYCE Stacked Python embossed (Wait why am I wearing a snake?). Fab though! (Steve Madden)

(Macys) by Michael Kors...I love! Me gusta mucho! Ina so sosai! (its making me speak languages oh!)

(Macys )by Steve Madden..I like that its simple.

It even looks like Beyonce. This is by Dereon, Bey and mum, Tina's line.

I love the wedge! My latest catch at the mall during Christmas sale happen to be a pair of suede black peep-toe wedges complete with a bow (I love bows..tastes like childhood to me). Kai, I've still not launched the shoes but I try them on all the time!

Thanks to Tiger Bites newest post on shoes, I got inspired to come out clean with my addiction.

Steve Madden is my new crush!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hummers and 9ja celebs 2

Continuation of my Jimmy Choo- Hummer attack on our Celebs-Musicians-dem. I got this gist from blogville. I don't spread rumours so don't attack me oh 'cuz I borrowed the gist.

P-Square just bought a Hummer Jeep painted "red" with the sole aim of spoiling themselves and painting lagos "red." I have no qualms apart from the red-paint. Does the whole town have to turn to a bull to recognize the achievements? Thumbs to their new baby though.


Olu-Maintain "yahozee mallam" has returned his own Hummer for lack of payment. Wait isn't a Hummer like N20million? Well, according to my source, he dropped the "elephant project." Anyway, he's settled my argument.

Case closed!


Courtesy: Linda Ikeji and Niyi Tabiti's blogs



Friday, February 1, 2008

Ashionye and Beyonce

I did a post on this topic last month. Check out the upper pleated-ish neck area detail on both dresses. Ashionye's dress is from the Future Awards. Beyonce's I 'fapped' from SET'S BLOG

Anyway, it seems like the controversial comparison between both women might not end soon. I thought Niyi Tabiti said the dress was couture and designed by Muyiwa-Clothes Sense (lagosians help me out here!). Clearly, a tailor got some Beyonce-inspiration.
Anyway, this was my observation today. I feel like papparazi!!!


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