Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Couch Potato

Okay, I entered the new year with a terrible headache. I had my dose of medicine and woke up feeling better but basically I did nothing major today; owre pajamas all day. Now I'm wishing I was in 9ja. To top if off, I got a call from home in the middle of a new year party.

I'm embracing the couch potato thingy and getting ready for my trip to Jamaica. I think I'm going to change my calender and have my new year postponed (complex huh?)

Right now, I'm watching Funmi Iyanda on youtube. Her show is very personal, motivative, informational and she's very intelligent and gets great people on the show. Here's her Music Life Class. She features Sasha who just released her album. I am in love with her music- Emi le gan, and Adara though I'm yet to hear her other tracks


Heres Sasha's Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/sashaonline

Take care and keep reading...



Hun! Nigeria is cool. But Lagos roads are free traffic bcos some pple have travels to villages for xmas and new year.

Between Funmi Iyanda and Mo Abudu, whos copying who?

I saw this link now http://funmimo.blogspot.com/

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