Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jimmy Choo Vs. Nigeria

This is not big fashion gist o! Just an observation. Anyway, I've read countless interviews with Nigerian "models" and well, other women- I mean the hussling beginning ones o, not Oluchi, high-powered career women or socialites, you know what I mean!. The dialogue is usually:

Interviewer(I): So who are your favorite designers?

Madam(M): Gucci, sometimes Chanel, and maybe Dolce & Gabbana.

I: Oh really? What about shoes? Whose do you wear?

M: Jimmy Choo. I absolutely love 'his' shoes.

I: Where do you shop usually?

M: Well, I love Harrods! Sometimes Zara,

Okay, my problem is WHY DO WE LIE ???? Gucci? Who buys Gucci in Nigeria? Very few folks we know them chicas. At least if you could afford a $25,000 dress, (more than Nigeria's average income) you won't be hussling to win a pageant that pays a $5,000 equivalent.

Thing is, if not for Thisday Style magazine and articles like Tiger Bites that educate us, the masses, on foreign designers who can tell Dolce's signature from Coco's? Still very few.

Just admit that you like their designs from the FTV, pictures or something. Those interviews crack me up and are very embarrassing like in secondary school when people say they went London by Chachangi Airlines and shopped in Harrods with not even a Harrods nylon bag to prove for it. as for Harrods nylon bags, I have more gist in the future.

I've been to Harrods once to buy 2 very affordable items but it doesn't mean I shop there. I shop at Primark though and Wuse Market (Yes Oh!!! nuttin dey happen!)

I also came across a blog comparing Ashionye's the Future award's dress as comparable to JLo's and Beyonce's. WHAT???? The dress was okay( I won't complain) and as much as Ashionye is a Nigerian celebrity, Jennifer Lopez is worth a whooping $110 million (11,000,000 dollars) thats about N14 billion (14,000,000,000 Naira)...Seriously, let's not start causing trouble that this First world folks make fun of our wannabe-ness comparing in the wrong ways. I love Niyi's blog anyway but that post????

I'll rather we take pride in ourselves and not try to be forming levels. Shey?

Anyway, let's stop lying and be true. We can't all be fashionistas. Everyone has their time and I'm waiting to buy my own Choos though and a Tiger Goldfinger bag.

Have a great "rest of the" week!

God Bless!


Great post. Made me LMFAO! Too true. I think a lot of Nigerian women still suffer from the Lemming mentality. They need to drop the name of the big designer that has already been endorsed by the 'big boys and big girls'.

Gucci and Chanel bags are standard fare (so I avoid them like the plague...some are nice but others are way better). Jimmy Choos are cute(ish) but I prefer Louboutin. And yep, i do aim to show the Nigerian reader there is life beyond Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Dolce.

A lot of people still feel they need that big name designer to let people know they're arrived. Where exactly they think they've arrived is beyond me.


think wat they dont realise is most celebs dont even spend on all their items; they r either gifts or borrowed especially on the red carpet or videos

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