Monday, January 7, 2008

Jamaica and Isaac Mizrahi

So I am currently supposed to be in Jamaica but unfortunately I made the biggest mistake of not having a visa (long story but I can't really blame anyone). There was a lot of miscommunication with my university was involved and even though I am from a CommonWealth country, Nigeria is an exception to former British colonies that can go to the Island. At this time, my citizenship is a disadvantage. Anyway, being very spiritual, I believe in God's will and hoping to get my visa, which I applied for yesterday and still catch up with my school mates in Kingston, Jamaica.

Pray for me!

To make things light, I was checking out ISAAC MIZRAHI's handbag line with TARGET STORES. Mizrahi is a New Yorkan with Egyptian-Jewish roots. Obviously his 'real' designs are not for the masses so he collaborated with TARGET to make a more affordable "Design for all" line of clothing, luggage, accessories and home decor. Stella Mccarthy did the same last year (Thank God I found out a lot later). Even Rober Cavalli's collection hit H&M (thats right for an eighth of the original prices). Pigs might start flying anytime soon (nah!).

Being part of the masses, I love Isaac Mizrahi's here's a few bags including metallics:

Take care!!!!

Girlie crossing her fingers, eyes closed, keeping faith, dreaming of her flight in Air Jamaica...


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