Saturday, January 19, 2008

In the same footsteps....

The topic is continuation of Jimmy Choos relationship with Nigeria.

I've had my full dose of news-gist about our musicians following footsteps of foreign "contemporaries." From Black face to P square to Ruggedman, the trend has been, make it big in the industry, get some buzz (short or long term), then....BUY A 10 MILLION NAIRA CAR!!!! Na wa oh! see levels! The yahoozee video, for example, fills younger folks with materialism as ultimate sources of "landing".

Una don land! Where? I can't tell.

Anyway, it's the same thing with Hip-Hop artists in the US (the ones we're trying to imitate). They are getting serious lashing from the public for unneccesary extravagance while majority of the black communities are living in poverty, drugs and all those vices. If in yankee, they are getting this "anti-bling" criticism, what of NIGERIA??? A third world country???

Blogger, Ababoy, commented on Mandy Brown Ojugbana's blog saying "it’s better to be a poor original rather than a poor imitation."

He added, "There is something no quite right with some of our ‘top’ hip-hop groups. While most of them show contempt for other people’s intellectual property, others go to such alarming lengths to actually ‘look’ like the people they ‘nick’ from. ... the videos, accents and mannerisms still represent poor imitations of their more illustrious American siblings."


The funniest was an artiste who got about 15m paid to him and immediately bought like 2 SUVs and well, I suppose the money is finished. Why can't you drive comething else, invest the cash, start a business, clothing line (more jist about clothing lines soon). The "hummer" madness is insane as per you must buy jeep to have landed. Then comes the extra ephizzzy- bling, chuck taylors (the Timberland successor), and the jara things on ephizzy's list.

"Aje-pako don wan reach butter levels!"

Few days ago, I talked about women and the "I wear Dolce, shop Zara, clutch Chanel" madness. Same thing goes to 9ja guys, at least my tongue-lashing victims are the musicians and some nollywood folks. Not all of them, but some. Every week on Thisday online newspaper, one rising celebrity had bought an insanely new ride or pad.

Be yourselves dearies, cut on the blinging ice you don't need, create your "own" style and look 9ja not wannabe Flava Flav.

P square upgraded their parents Jos bakery and claim several investments and Emeka Ike built a school according to Linda Ikeji, and Ruggedman, I think, has a clothing line.
Smart men! Kudos!

For hip-hop inspiration- see Diddy and JayZ. If you know what I mean.

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Babes the bakery belongs to there parents, Twins butter bread, str outta gbusa buji jos but still they try sha aper bizness sense. I dont think there anything rong with buying a hummer if u can afford one, plus life is short esp when ur a celeb

They refurbished the bakery sort off by incresing their capital. Point it they made wise decision unlike others that have made nothing bu buying what doesn't match future earnings.

I have no wahala with Hummers o! I was just like celebs don't have to live up to the standards of Hollywood. Those folks there make dollar-licious paychecks...wanna compare that with our celebs!

Fat NO!!!

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