Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Future Nigeria update on the North

From their website:

North Sweeps the Future Awards 2008

Very unusually for any major Nigerian award in recent times, a good percentage of the Awards won at Nigeria’s biggest youth event, The Future.. Awards 2008 went to young people of Northern descent. The winners were Abdulkareem Baba Aminu, editor with the Daily Trust who grabbed Journalist of the Year, Sitanda star, Ali Nuhu who grabbed Actor of the Year, and ‘Mak Kusare of the BBC’s Wetin Dey who received the award for the Screen Producer of the Year.

These wins, while not surprising to discerning observers, immediately dismisses the remainder of the myth that there is paucity of achieving young minds from any part of the Nigerian nation, as well as being testimony to the rigour and research that the organisers and judges of the Awards attach to the process.

As usual, the Awards didn’t always go to the ‘most popular’ candidates, pulling off surprises and upsets. And whilst with the majority of the guests at the venue this remains a welcome development, there are others who feel otherwise. The event’s PR Director, Emilia Asim-Ita, explains. “The problem is that we are not used to a system of rigour and transparency in awards processes in Nigeria, But we are the future, we don’t do the things the way others do. We don’t sit and dark rooms and decide winners amongst ourselves.

“People must strive for it. We call for nominations, we research the nominations, we send questionnaires to each nominee, we scrutinise all of these via the judges. When someone like Ali Nuhu wins, people wonder because he is not Lagos-based and he is not a celebrity like the rest. But this is not a celebrity Actor of the Year award; our judges are not moved by hype and celebrity. This was the lead actor in Sitanda, which won more than 7 awards at AMAA, and this is a guy who has been in major Hausa movies almost always in lead role in the North – the judges have seen his profile; they know more about all the nominees than what you read ion the newspapers and magazines; we have researched all the claims made in the papers and filtered out the substance. That is what the judges decide on.”

Courtesy: The Future Nigeria's Website

Heres my last post on this issue

Ali Nuhu and Jennifer Hudson

Sai anjima! (later!)



dont be surprised...the organisers of the Future Awards are of the Hausa or northern estraction; Chude for example...there goes ur answer. all these awards are just hogwash without substamce...

So its hogwash because northerners are involved?

Chude is Igbo..isn't he?

Na wa!

Got you on my blog log on my site.

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