Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Funmi Iyanda and Mo Abudu

Okay, I got a comment yesterday comparing Mo Abudu to Funmi Iyanda. There even a blog dedicated to that though it has only one post so far. Whoever started that blog has bad belle for one of the women oh ah ah! I don't fancy online drama sha!

I have not seen the show Moments with Mo yet but I've heard its like Oprah meets Tyra though Nigerian. As compared with Funmi's the audience is larger, gifts like cars, trips, salon appointments and dinners are given to the audience(I dey come o!) and the setting is kinda different.

Anyway, it's no big deal comparing them, abi competition na good tin? I love New Dawn by Funmi though. Unlike Oprah and the likes, its really personal, women;s panel, small audience though I wish NTA has a lil' better job. Moments with Mo though is MNET and since am yet to see the show(tickets to Nigeria for me to finally see it are highly accepted), I won't judge but from the website it sure has some good quality.

Its fun to have different variety so I guess both women have done just that.

You can check out their websites above! Ciao and keep hitting my blog.



my dear i saw the blog
talk about total waste of time..i tink d person was obviously seeking for attention..luv ur blog by the way..xx

To be honest i think Funmi has done her time, its time for something new, i thought the settings at The new dawn show was a bit local and then you see the young innocent looking faces been forced to clap. Most of them dont even know what they are talking about. Then with Funmi she's got a lot of controversy around her, like dating married men and all. To be in the show business i guess you need to be reserved cause youre a role model to other but unfortunately Funmi is nothing like it. I guess MO wld be a better role model and Funmi has too much of yoruba in her English, for anoda time she needs to correct that. I love Mo, the settings makes me proud. Her make up is ok and not too loud. She dresses neatly and lovely. There's no comparism at all. Funmi shld take a break and concentrate on the married men and let Mo have her moments.

I for one isn't a fan of Funmi as the show New Dawn isn't new anymore and it needs revamping! But speaking of role models..I think it will be unfair to speak of one like Funmi Iyanda without facts, I have also heard of Mo's escapades with some big "married men" but who are we to judge except by their character and the works of their hands.

Give credit where it is due and stop attacking personalities. Funmi is a damn good producer and presenter who has done a whole lot with very little resources. As difficult as it is, let's look beyond the expensive freebies and judge the two shows based on quality. Ayomikun, i wonder if you know what that means. Let's give moment's with mo two years and see where it will be then!

OH MEHN!!! W-H-Y did you stop blogging??! I'm just stumbling on your blog for the 1st time and I love the design and the atmosphere... frowns. Why naaa?

Oops, sorry! My mistake. You are still blogging after all. (I followed a Google link on F.Iyanda)

Keep up the good job.

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