Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I've never written about a Nigerian designer so its about time. DAKOU is a great clothing line by Dumebi Agbakoba, who also started Do Sumthing Positive Africa, a youth inclined NGO. She is also the daughter of the Nigerian lawyer Olisa Agbakoba.

Dakou Collections Website: http://www.dakouonline.com/

DSPA-Do Something Positive Africa: http://dosumthing.org/

Dakou Collections had two exhibit-shows in Lagos this Christmas season in Tiger Tem and Waka Restuarant &Lounge. Although I didn't attend (I'm also an Abuja chica). I grabbed some pictures from facebook. One of the models also went to Secondary School with me (see me forming connections oh!). The Spring/Summer collection is cute, classy, chic= FAB!

Anyway, I owe Tiger Tem, another Lagos fashion joint, a post pretty soon. I love the accessories but still trying to figure out if they are all made in Nigeria by Temi O.

Here are my Dakou favs:

Courtesy of Facebook Dakou group and Dakouonline.com


Ready for that interview when you are!

thats one thing i have always wondered about too........ does Tiger tem make all her accessories or does she stock on known brands?

Do u by any chance have info on that now?

Pls keep writing, dont stop........ love your posts. And i like the new template


love the template! Dakou is a lovely line.well done on the post.

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