Thursday, January 3, 2008

Consumerism and Valentines day

So today I went to Walmart to buy the usual stuff and lo and behold, three huge "Valentines day" aisles where set up with pressies fron chocolate and its buddies (flowers and we know).

My first reaction "Chimoooo" (hopefully I'm not blaspheming). But the level of commercialization of personal-family-spiritual-historical holidays have become money makers playing with consumer psycology.

Hmm, I'm starting to sound intellectual hopefully the diction and jargons I'm merging to gether are cohesive. Kai!!! I was annoyed sha why in the world will I buy roses more than one month before February 14th (Thats if I'm buying oh). Temptation from seeing cute red boxes of cookies and candy continuosly in the aisles would prompt me to keep buying. (Mumu people using my sense!!!!!)

Christmas products/presents were out for sale in October with the trees and decorations in full. Halloween which is end of October was already in the air when August semester started. I could as well buy my wedding aso-ebi. Ideas?

Marketers and sons ltd, biko, slow down.

Based on my career plans, I might be a culprit some time though.

Such is life!


Valentine's Hmm. I must say all these festivities were slightly different before I entered the commercial arena. For retailers they offer a more targeted sales push/pitch. Its great fun as it offers more potential to be creative and it offers more maximised sales hey, can't complain!!!!


And I love the holidays. Did you know most retailers make about 40% of annual turnover from November through to the end of December?

I'm Miss Festivity and yes I fully expect thoughtfully chosen and fabulously wrapped gifts too.

I found the best ever Xmas card for my BFF.

INSIDE: COVER: They have a name for people who revel in the joy of the holiday gift season.

Greedy Bitches (Merry Christmas from one to another)

Lol! Thanks!
I totally understand! At least I admitted though that I might play the culprit once I jump into the commercial arena.

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