Saturday, January 19, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard

I'm sooo addicted to love songs and about this time last year, I came across the station "Breaking up is Hard" on Yahoo Music. The station kinda disappeared but now its back! I dunno why it waits for January-February to have a playlist of sad songs. Wait till March of something so it's less painful!

Anyway, include it in your first aid kit if your not sure what might await you this cupid season. I'm very optimistic so I'm guessing no one will listen to it in search of comfort. That was my ear-buddy sometime ago.

I was just listening to Ne-yo's So Sick and then Aly& AJ's Potential breakup came up.

Which kind wahala be this!!! Jojo's A little too late came immediately after and I'm like wudda?

By the way, I'm not listening to the Breakup station oh! Not yet though maybe when I'm depressed.

I just back from a jazz concert and I'm kinda sleepy. Have to go worship God tomorrow!




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