Monday, January 7, 2008


I've been reading so much about her on blogs from bellanaija and others and decided to check on her, ASHIONYE.

Called Nigerian Beyonce (yea), the American-accented (case of accents I'll talk about soon)radio and TV personality and actress is getting quite some buzz and her CV-resume would include a role in Doctor's Quaters MNET series, the new face of PEPSI light, presenter of the Future Nigeria Awards and being on the cover of true love magazine. I also saw her on Funmi Iyanda's New Dawn on youtube and she does have some confidence and belief in herself (I mean like too much. good or bad? I ask you) Her "American" accent is from her few months stay in the US when she was 9 and it stuck since then. Hmmm, that might be possible.

listened to some of her songs and watched one video and she kinda sounds like Omotola (when Omo-sexy decided to sing). Well, I not a huge fan of her music though if majority of Nigerians like her then, KPOM, case closed.



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