Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ali Nuhu and Jennifer Hudson

Wierd comparison you think? Nope!

Anyway the Future Nigeria Awards was sunday evening and Linda Ikeji's blog has the winner's names.

One observation: the winner of the best actor award- Ali Nuhu. So I saw someone ranting about him and why he won being a only local Hausa actor. Is it being local or Hausa that bothers people, I dunno but he's definitely popular for those who watch Hausa movies and believe me many up North don't watch Genevieve, Omotola or Dakore movies and would say the same about being a local Igbo actress if Genevieve won (Just the tribalistic folks though). I am sure the award is not to recognize celebrities but hardworkers. Ko ba haka ba?

Bad argument???

No lemme finish! Ofcourse The Future Nigeria is a southern based thing as per Lagos and all so it was only natural to have Lagosians claim they didn't know who Ali Nuhu was. The fact is that he is a good actor and whether we know him or not, he's been doing a damn good job far up north in Hausa's Nollywood.

Btw, he won last year's AMAA award which is African Movie Academy Awards that Vivica Fox and Lou Gossett, from Hollywood, have attended in the past. He won because of his acting and directing role in the movie Sitanda, which even beat Amazing Grace. AMAA is the most credible Movie Award, well recognised beyond Africa.


Well, we could as well tell Jennifer Hudson to return her Oscar and Golden Globe awards immediately for being best actress in her FIRST movie EVER! Point is, she did a great job and Beyonce who had MORE acting experience haven't gotten that Oscar recognition yet.

Well Congrats Ali Nuhu. I'm not sure I even know him since I watch only a few Hausa movies but I trust Future Nigeria so Thumbs up!!

I have to watch the movie SITANDA (nominated in 10 AMAA categories).

The Future Nigeria not The Future Lagos!!!

Still wanna argue? I start classes today so hopefully blogging won't distract me.



Interesting point. Well as a Lagosian, I can say for many Lagosians we get so caught up in what happens in Lagos we forget about the rest of the country (as do Londoners and New Yorkers!). So I'd actually say well done Chude as things like the Future Awards remind us all there's life beyond Lagos...I'll make sure I try to watch Sitanda as if it beat Amazing Grace, it must be something special.

I've not seen Sitanda though but It shold be good to be getting that buzz.

You are so so right. I havent seen sitanda either but when i heard Ali Nuhu won that award, i was pleased because even from other works he has done, i could tell he has worked hard enough to win it.

i have seen the movie sitanda. trust me guys..it is awesome. i live in canada and my family and i gave the movie a crying ovation.... it was awesome.....i loved it. azizat and ali deserve all the awards they get cos in all my life of viewing nigerian movies, i v never seen one as good as this. cap's off.

What I am yet to understand about Nigerians is their tribe conciousness. If Ali Nuhu is considered good enough for an award, i see no point in pin-pointing his background or tribe. He is simply good at what he does, so let him receive what good actors deserve.
Ali Nuhu, Go on, an OSCAR awaits you.
Muhammad Dikko Tsauri - Katsina

What we should all be doing is try to promote our culture, and enlighten our brothers and sisters on how to live peacefully with one another, irrespective of tribe or ethical background. Home movies are the most effective way of accomplishing that. Lets not be prejudiced, PLEASE!
Muhammad Dikko Tsauri - Katsina

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