Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ageless Beauties...Mutanen Allah

Ya kuke? (How are y'all?)

I've been too busy like its hard to keep up with the real world and blogville at the same time. Oh well! Today's gist is beauty oh!

Kinda! So a I had lunch with a lady (professor) who is interviewing for a position at my university. As we we're yarning on the table in the cafeteria, one of my people comes up to ask if she's a prospective (high-school student visiting to taste the college climate). The lady laughs and mentions that she's trying out for a post to be OUR professor.

The point is, she looks very young. Not cool to be confused for an teenager alongside the disrespect that comes with being young, especially when you have all those qualifications. Good thing is, beauty-wise, she's ageless.

Dinner time, I am in the cafeteria again with my usual clique members when a girl on the table talks about getting extra pampering and treatment for being a kid at the hair salon. As per the salon folks thought she was 12. Apparently, they switched the digits aroung cuz she's 21. Omo-ageless.

My story: So I interned at this bank in 9ja last summer. Kai, they thought I was 12years old. Okay I'm not up to the legal US drinking age (guess my age..naa) but HEY I'm not 12. So bank customers would STARE at me (You know 9ja people and staring at fine girls). LOL! Nope, I just looked too young to be handling their financial business. I doubt if they mind the fine-ness part. The age was actually the problem.

It's fun to be walking down the hall in pointed stilettoes, pinstripes, pencils (lemme confess, even bad clothes sometimes! we can't all be perfect everyday.) and getting stares shey? I felt like a Cashmere Mafian (for some good and bad reasons). The only qualms is when the glances are followed by whispering

"See this small girl oh!",

"So this banks have started recruiting from secondary school?",

"Cradle Snatching Chei!"

"I better send my 6month old baby to primary school NOW!" (the overambitious ones, yes!)

Anyway, I would cringe and my female boss would convince me that the complaints and comments were future compliments. "You would love to look 20 when you're 35!"


I hope I fall in that category!

By the Way, there's Anti-ageing, Age-defying products in the cosmetic market- Olay Regenerist/Definity (I get for mi Madre), Avon's Anew, L'oreal's Revitalift/Derma-Genesis and even store brands Equate (US Walmart equivalent of TESCO&ASDA value) are making these.

I guess we could be ageless either way. Yea, don't forget to drink water!


"Gayu, Mutanen Allah. Ba mutuwa sei transfer/ sei shining"- Hausa proverb thingy

"Hotness/Sexiness, God's people. No death only continuous glowiing/transfer of levels"
- You get? I can't translate it well!




This is soo funny because I sooooo relate to this...

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